BREAKING: Chicago Is Fully BROKE- IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING TO LORI “Beetle-Juice” LIGHTFOOT After THIS Happens To City Worker



That is the question! There are some serious problems in the once great city and it is only getting worse.

A quote that is often attributed (incorrectly) to Thomas Jefferson comes to mind when thinking about Mayor Lightfoot and her 100% naked thirst for power: “Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the government but illegal for the citizenry.” While Jefferson never said, nor penned these words, the sentiment remains true.

Lightfoot is a complete failure and is one of the crappiest mayors in America.

Check this out from The Beltway Report:

A video floating around the internet appears to show a city of Chicago employee trying to cash her paycheck (which was issued by, and drawn against the account of the city of Chicago) only to be told the check bounced.

Chicago is the jewel of Middle America. The amount of wealth that lies in the city is astronomical.

The fact that the government has been able to squander, steal, rob and scam the city and its residents out of the ability to pay the city’s employees is beyond shameful, its down right criminal.

The fact of the matter is that the people of Chicago are, by definition, insane … they keep voting for Democrats and seem to expect a different result …

The Gateway Pundit reported:

‘A Chicago city employee went to cash her paycheck at the bank last week but it wouldn’t clear.

She tried to deposit it the day after it was issued but it bounced.

Lori Lightfoot is too busy pushing vaccine mandates on Chicagoans than facing the surging crime rate or paying her employees.’


What in the hell is going on?

Once again we see that democrats just can’t successfully run cities or states and we all know that they certainly can’t run a freaking country!

Biden is rock solid proof of that.

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God Bless.

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