Chicago Muslim Teacher Molests Girls, Judge Lets Him Keep Job For This SICK Reason


Some in our own government who are willing to allow sexual predators to get away with the most heinous crimes against our most innocent citizens simply because of their religious privilege.

Imam Mohammad Abdullah Saleem, a 77 year old Islamic leader in a Chicago suburb who has been hailed as the Muslim “Billy Graham,” has been accused of sexual assault of a employees and students at the Institute of Islamic Education that he founded.

Saleem had been instructing children at a Chicago institute for several decades when he was outed for sexually molesting 6 females – 5 of whom were minors at the time.

When one of victims, who was 14 year-old when the teacher began molesting her, came forward with allegations of sexual assault, the school ignored her and covered it up.

Her coming forward caused others to speak up and Saleem was arrested, but instead of locking up the perverted pedophile, Saleem was only given a slap on the wrist. A despicable judge allowed him to walk free and even return to the school.

George Houde of Chicago Tribune reports:

Mohammed Abdullah Saleem, 77, who founded the Institute for Islamic Education in Elgin, must also register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. In addition, he is forbidden to be in the presence of females of any age, except relatives, without another adult female present. He also cannot be within 500 feet of any school — including the one he founded 27 years ago, except to worship at its affiliated mosque.

“Mr. Saleem thought it would be in the best interest of the Islamic community to accept the plea agreement and avoid a trial,” his lawyer, Donna Rotunno, said following the hearing.

Saleem was accused of repeatedly fondling a young woman who worked for him at the school, as well as a student who was a minor at the time, in some cases while forcing them sit on his lap. Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney Jaclyn Lantz said the student was 14 when Saleem began to abuse her in 2001. The following year, the girl reported the abuse to a school official, “but nothing happened,” Lantz said.

The arrest of the conservative scholar on sex abuse charges was especially shocking given Saleem’s stature in his community made up largely of Islamic immigrants from India and Pakistan. He is said to espouse a code of separation between genders and discourages even hand-shaking. The institute, which provides boarding to some students, runs separate programs for girls and boys.

Four women have also filed a civil suit claiming sex abuse by the imam. In some cases the claims date back decades.

Apparently Saleem’s behavior is condoned and encouraged in Islam.

From Mad World News:

After Muhammad convinced his companion Abu Bakr to give up his 6-year-old daughter Aisha for marriage, the pedophile prophet consummate their union when she was just 9. However, he had other ways of enjoying his child bride as well.

Sahih Bukhari (6:299) – Narrated ‘Abdur-Rahman bin Al-Aswad: (on the authority of his father) ‘Aisha said: “Whenever Allah’s Apostle wanted to fondle anyone of us during her periods (menses), he used to order her to put on an Izar and start fondling her.” ‘Aisha added, “None of you could control his sexual desires as the Prophet could.”

The court doesn’t seem to care that the pedophile is running free and still employed at the institute.

Judge James Karahalios provided a loophole in the requirement that the sex offender cleric stays away from schools, allowing Saleem to enter the school he founded and any other Islamic school as long as it’s for the purpose of “worship.”

Political correctness is prevalent in today’s America   to the point where Muslims can get away with rape and murder, and only face probation to avoid offend them and being “Islamophobic.”

Obviously the judge’s daughter doesn’t attend this “school.”

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God Bless.

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