CHILLING Details Emerge About Oregon Rancher’s Body, Look How Many Times He’s Shot

Last week, news broke that LaVoy Finicum had been gunned down by federal agents following an ambush, and while video of the terrifying incident was released, details have been slim. However, that’s since changed, and after his family received his body, they made a chilling discovery.

The investigative blog LozzaFun1 had more information about Finicum’s death, which seemed more like an assassination if you actually watched the video, and according to Barbara Davis, things are exactly as they appeared to be. If you remember, the FBI claims that they found a 9mm pistol in Finicum’s pocket after searching his lifeless body, but there’s eyewitness reports that he and the people with him purposefully left the weapons at the refuge in case they ran into law enforcement.

That same witness also claimed that the reason Finicum fled the initial stop is because he was being shot at by authorities.

“The only reason he drove off was because he was being fired at so he drove off so he didn’t get shot. There’s two rounds in the top of his truck that they were able to photograph. That’s why he drove off and tried to get around there because he was afraid they were going to kill him. And he was right.”


The FBI’s claim is further called into question after seeing what Davis wrote on Facebook about the serial number. Apparently, members of the Pacific Patriots Network were able to run the serial number 54119868, and the weapon was stolen two years ago, so she believes it’s a plant.

CHILLING Details Emerge About Oregon Rancher’s Body, Look How Many Times He’s Shot

Image credit: LozzaFun1

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Also, when Finicum’s family received the rancher’s body, they discovered that he had been shot nine times by federal authorities. If you watch the video, that seems like entirely too many for the situation, considering that Finicum appeared to have his hands in the air just prior to being mercilessly gunned down. Davis also said that Finicum now has to have a closed casket funeral, thanks to being shot directly in the face.


While we’ll never know exactly what happened on that fateful day, as more evidence emerges, it seems as if the FBI had only one intention, and it wasn’t taking Finicum in alive. Look, as a proud conservative I always support law enforcement, but even this case has been hard for me to wrap my head around because not a lot adds up.


From the video showing Finicum having his hands up and grenades being thrown at his truck, to eyewitnesses recalling a scene more similar to a special operations hit, the entire thing doesn’t make sense. As such, I think We the People have every reason to question it, and that it’s our duty to do so.

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Our prayers go out to LaVoy Finicum’s family.

God Bless.


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  1. RJ Chesnut Jr. says:

    “Shot 9 Times, Planted 9mm pistol in his pocket” This was an EXECUTION, nothing less.

      • Santiago Matamoros says:

        It’s not unusual. Law enforcement is trained to shoot until the threat no longer exists. They will not fire one round and ask if you give up, this also eliminates the suspects right to testimony and possible lawsuit. When you’re dead it’s pretty hard to give your account of what happened. You also have to take into account that you have several men with high levels of adrenaline with their guns drawn, when that first round goes off, they all fire. There is a psychological term for that, other than the obvious it escapes me at this moment.

    • Why would they ‘plant’ a 9mm pistol on him, when they had every right to shoot Finicum regardless of whether he turned out to be armed.

      His fleeing a traffic stop at a high rate of speed, nearly crashing into a road block, immediately exiting the vehicle without being commanded to, failure to obey all other orders (keep hands up, freeze, get on your knees), and then making gestures that look very much like reaching into his coat, it wouldn’t matter if he was armed or not, they had every reason to suspect that he was armed and his actions and words suggested he was going for a gun.

      • David Neidhamer says:

        And if he were black the officers would be in jail right now and BLM would be burning down nearby cities and Al Sharptongue would be at the scene screaming bloody murder of an innocent defenseless black man being hunted down by the FBI….

      • Jon Loveless says:

        OMG you go for this police state stuff dont you

      • Again until he showed a gun they had no right to shoot him. What if he was deaf and could not hear commands in your mind you have the right to die Glen get a life and read some law books.

      • You are wrong Glen. Occupying this land is not a capitol offense. Neither is fleeing a roadblock. Ever watch “Cops” TV show? Did you EVER see them just open fire on someone who just drove away? (The answer is no.) Why?
        A police officer cannot just shoot someone he thinks is guilty. Even if that person were a convicted murderer they would have to LEGALLY attempt to arrest that person. Even being a police officer, shooting someone without justification can get you 20 to life!

      • Tyrannys_enemy says:

        Try and remember that you said that…So that when you yourself get shot, for fleeing gunfire hitting YOUR vehicle, that they were justified in doing so!!!

        If they were justified they never would have mentioned the gun to begin with…We have a Bill of Rights in this country!!! The Nazi’s LOST WW2…Remember??

      • Please define how they had every right to shoot him….I’d LOVE for you to elaborate. How…does a Public Servant (one who serves the public, as in WORKS FOR) have the right to shoot a man with his hands up in the air?

      • Santiago Matamoros says:

        “When they had every right to shoot Finicum regardless of whether he turned out to be armed.” Do you know what needs to happen before deadly force can be used?

      • John Bowman says:

        So why wasn’t Eric Holder shot for his ARMED occupation of an ROTC office at Columbia university?

    • Denise Smith says:

      When they finally went over and knelt down to his body there were several officers there. They were all crowded around his body. That’s probably when they planted the gun

    • Kent Krokaugger says:

      There is clear video that the entire world has seen of him reaching twice for his gun.

      • Cloward Piven Democrat says:

        Is that what it shows? It kind of looks like he has his hands up and then grabs his himself as they shoot him. If he had a weapon and intended to use it, why would he throw his hands up so obviously and so far from wherever the gun was?

        I’m not going to jump to conclusions, but I hope the family seeks justice and the truth comes out. This looks more like “hands up, don’t shoot” than other cases which aroused media and public outrage.

      • There is no clear video of him reaching for a gun. Their is clear video of a cold blooded calculated set up .And the murder of a man with his hands up! No matter how you feel about what they were doing they never hurt or threatened anyone. He was murdered! And explain why the heck they continued firing on his truck.

      • Let meshoot your ass with a 3 hot bullets and see if you don’t grab and jump. Your either a Cop or an FBI agent that was there. It’s sad that you guys thought they would shoot back and you would have a reason to kill them, but they didn’t and you still tried to kill them all so there was not witnesses. But then since they didn’t shoot back and the 3 lived, you kept them on the side of the highway for 2 hours trying to figure out what to charge them with. This will come back to haunt you. Evil is Evil. Those people where doing good and God protected them. The FBI will pay for what they did to Lavoy. COLD BLOODED MURDER.

        • Kent Krokaugger says:

          The entire world saw him reach twice for his gun….the gun that was found exactly where he was reaching. Terrorists who take over a government building are not doing good…and no, I am not law enforcement. I am a citizen who believes in the rule of law. The government cannot just allow terrorists to occupy a government building forever. The man said he wouldn’t be taken easily.

          • Barefoot in MN says:

            No, the entire world saw him reach toward his WOUNDS to stop the flow of blood. That is what you do with a wound, whether from a bullet or a blade or whatever : apply pressure to reduce blood loss. …it’s also an instinctive move, one the body makes instinctively. When they repeated their commands, he tried to comply — but his conscious mind was having to overcome his instincts [to protect his wounds].

            My God, Kent, didn’t you ever take Basic First Aid ?

          • Well…he’s a hippie, and a sheep….so he’ll side with his masters all day. He seems to forget…WE THE PEOPLE are in charge….

          • Santiago Matamoros says:

            Again, they peacefully occupied an unoccupied building and didn’t terrorize anyone.

          • Kent Krokaugger says:

            They illegally took over and occupied a government building. They did so with a massive cache of weapons and ammunition. They threatened authorities not to come in. They were not wanted by the locals. Yes, they are terrorists. The authorities showed tremendous restraint with these terrorists. If they had been black terrorists, I bet most of you folks who support these terrorists would have wanted the authorities to burn them out on day one.

      • clear video? lolololol

      • papowbyebye says:

        HE was shot 9 TiMES one of the shots hit him in the lower abdomen left side of course he dropped his arms he grabbed or covered his wound in complete confusion & disbelief that they were shooting from everywhere an unarmed man who had his hands up he screamed I do NOT have a FIREARM I’m UNARMED! Still they kept firing at him he moved away from the vehicle to possibly keep the fire off the others in the vehicle he knew were NOT armed as well but NO they had put the final KILL shot to his Face at close range from the idiot behind him …. but did they stop firing at the vehicle NO even though the people inside of it were screaming OK OK PLEASE STOP WE AREN’T ARMED, ONE OF THEM SCREAM PLEASE I AM AN EMT LET ME GO HELP HIM PLEASE DID THEY? NO SHE SAID THEY HAD TO OF AT LEAST UNLOADED 120 ROUNDS ON THEM AND THERE WERE AGENTS IN THE TREES BEHIND TREES ALL ALONG THE ROAD THEY INTENDED TO KILL THEM ALL …. AND THEY ALL CROWDED AROUND THIS MANS LIFELESS BODY YANKED HIS HAT OFF HIS HEAD AND SHUCKED IT ASIDE & PROBABLY PLANTED THEIR GUN ON HIM THAT’S THEIR GUN NOT LAVOY’S GUN THEIR’S …. IF YOU SEE ANYTHING ELSE BUT AN AMBUSH, ASSASINATION & MURDER YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM THIS WILL JUST GET MORE COPS SHOT & MAKES ALL ENFORCEMENT LOOK UNTRUSTWORTHY & CALCULATING …. PERIOD!!! THAT IS SAD BECAUSE THIS IS THE WORLD WE ALL LIVE IN NOW OVER GREED AND POWER …..CONGRATS YOU HEARTLESS PIECES OF CRAP …… DAMN SHAME IS WHAT IT IS

        • Kent Krokaugger says:

          and yet they found the weapon on him, which destroys your entire little conspiracy theory. He was a terrorist who accomplished his mission of dying as a martyr. It was suicide by cop….plain and simple

          • Tyrannys_enemy says:

            They found a gun on him, that was reported stolen 2 years ago…All (That’s ALL) of Lavoy’s guns are still in the refuge with the remaining Patriots that stood up to an unjust government and it’s unjust land grabbing laws!!!

            You must be one of those Hoplophobic lunatics, that calls our Founding Fathers terrorists too!!!

            Can you define the word “Terrorism”, and then explain how it fit’s into this case??
            You can’t!!! Not even Terrorist Tactics!!! The men and women that went to that abandoned, and neglected building (then proceeded to administer, much needed repairs, to it) never terrorized or threatened anyone!!! They were performing a peaceful protest on land, that had both the mineral, and use rights, stolen from the people of Oregon!!!
            The Feds have been fuming, since being embarrassed by the Bundy Ranch Standoff…Ironically ANOTHER illegal action by the United States Government…(namely Harry Reid, the Bureau of Land Management AND the FBI!!!)

            You keep arguing that he had a 9mm on him…merely because that’s what you were “told”!!! Since you were NOT there, you do NOT know…You know nothing!!!

            So stop trying make it look like you know what happened…from combining a phony press conference explanation, with a grainy news helicopter video!!!
            It makes you look like a fool!!!

          • Pablo Descartes says:

            Govt trolls are little female dogs in heat. Is that You kent?

      • Pablo Descartes says:

        Post a link so we can all view it or You are just a liar no my book.

        • Kent Krokaugger says:

          The video has been shown a million times on every news broadcast.

          • Pablo Descartes says:

            Before the edit you’d said the video was clear, now you’re referencing the intentionally cloudy, grainy video. You kent are a LIAR. I patched the video into my big screen TV, adjusted the picture to make it clear as possible, and watched the video again & again. LaVon Finicum didn’t go for a gun, and I’m certain the cowardly, dry-gulching, murderous agents planted the 9mm.
            You are a liar & coward Kent, regardless if you’re a govt agent.

          • Kent Krokaugger says:

            So, basically you are saying that, although you respect my right to have my opinion, you disagree with my opinion? Does that pretty much some up what you are saying?

          • Pablo Descartes says:

            To that I’d say if you’re an average civilian just airing your opinion of course you have the 1st Amendment.
            But if you are a govt agent, affiliated or someway connected with such & trying to spread disinformation, then I say where is your honor? Then I’d say your supposed to have a higher standard, to tell the truth, to not cover for the murder of an American citizen. If you’re a govt agent spending disinformation then I say You have no honor.

          • Kent Krokaugger says:

            I am not a part of the government conspiracy, just an informed citizen who supports law enforcement in their incredibly tough job that they have. They should always be given the benefit of the doubt when they come into contact with dangerous law breakers.

      • Tom Williams says:

        The entire world saw him reach twice for his gun.****** The entire world saw a man being shot down like a mad dog. Let me shoot you 9 times and see if you put your hands down and reach for the wound…..and you have no idea whether he had a gun or not! moron

      • NO!!! Did you notice they didn’t check the body for several minutes? They always check for a gun even if you’re dead because you may not be dead! They even handcuff you , seen it a million times!

        In this case they shot him in the face and other places so they were sure he was dead. They gunned him down and his arms went down because he was shot not because he was reaching for a gun. No body cams? Just aerial video? Yeah, they didn’t want us to see what happened but we can tell by the way his body jerked as he was shot.

  2. They did this to send a message….that’s why they released the video. Those involved should be put on trial for murder and executed.

    • They sent a strong message.

      That message being: When being pulled over for having taken over a federal facility with force of arms, and making statements that you would rather die than be caged, it’s best not to flee the stop at a high rate of speed, nearly crash into the roadblock, get out of your vehicle, and make motions that suggest you are reaching into your coat for a weapon.

      Every vehicle occupant who did NOT do all of those things is still alive and well.

      • maybe you cant read it said they were being shot at that’s why he tried to pull off the road. he wasn’t reaching into his coat he was being shot, he opened his coat up to put his hand on the wound. he did not have a weapon. get a life liberal rat.

        • Glen is probably one of THEM.

        • You are talking to a socialist sympathizer… they see only lies.
          Don’t expect facts or truth to ever be accepted by these ilk.

          • Tyrannys_enemy says:

            I just realized that these people spewing hatred for Finicum are obviously suffering from some kind of brain damage!!! I’m done with them…No matter WHAT you say, they always have some lame rebuttal that sounds like a sound byte from CNN SMH

            What are “Sheep” commenting on an American Freedom Fighters article anyway??
            They’re just Wicked Moronic Trolls!!!

      • Jon Loveless says:

        Glen sounds lick a cop

      • Silverylight says:

        Glen, they were being shot at when they stopped the FIRST time! Of course they ran and tried to blow the roadblock! I would have done the same! Had the FBI not opened fire on the vehicle to begin with everything would have been over with at the first stop before they ever got to the roadblock. The FBI provoked the situation by firing upon the truck forcing Finicum to drive off or be shot where he was parked. Finicum was a target for execution, nothing he could have done would have saved him, they would have found a way to kill him no matter what!

      • so no it all why did they shoot up the truck when there was never a shot came from inside it? You got all the answers It is people like you is why our country is they way it is.

      • Just Straight Shooting says:

        If your theory of their mindset is valid it just goes to prove the criminality of the government, and especially under this treasonous administration.

        The government doesn’t have a right nor the authority to “send a message” by cold blooded murder. They didn’t have it at Ruby Ridge, Waco, nor do they have it in Oregon or any other state in the Union. It doesn’t matter what the reason is/was, it was criminal and always will be.

      • Keep drinking the Fool Ade dumb ass. Your loyalty will not be rewarded………….

      • Just an observation says:

        You’re right Glenn. A message has been sent. If you’re black and riot and loot and burn businesses down they will give you room to do all that. If you are white and protest peacefully and destroy nothing … well….. you will be shot at first chance, even though you have done nothing compared to those rioters and looters. Wake up fool!

      • Glen, Are you completely brain dead, or a programmed robot. As such , evidence means nothing to you. Put your head back up your a$$, and keep breathing your own flatulents
        You’ve had too much kool-aid..

      • So of you side with them. Then your the enemy. Finicum raised his hand in the air. F@#K YOU, STINKIN RINO LIBTARD !

      • Michael W. Lurie says:

        Glen, you are insane. And haven’t a clue what this assassination was about.

      • Brannon Craig says:

        Please, go stick your head in the sand, were it belongs. This is a mans game, its not for little boys!

        • Really? Because it seems like little boys (playing wild west cowboys) are playing it.

          • Darrel Moats says:

            Glen, only because you see what you choose to see. You read the above story, I would think. It is all after the fact information. That the FBI supplied to the family or what they can see themselves.

            You can’t possibly think you would sit in a vehicle as he was instructed. For the length of time, that they had him remain there at the stop. Then shoot a couple of rounds through the vehicle. (reported by other occupants in the vehicle) And not take off? They wanted him to run, so he would meet the road block. The officer ran out in his direction when Finicum swerved left to avoid hitting the vehicles. Why would they block the road on a long bend of a curve. They didn’t want him to see them. From a long ways off so he would be traveling at a fast speed. Sad thing is Finicum played right into their hand, unknowingly. Thinking he was saving himself from death by eluding the gun fire. He only speed towards his planned death. You have your right to your own opinion. But there is too many things that don’t add up. Or that do add up if you will, How it was that his life was taken, with more than reasonable doubt of the actions of those that did this! Nobody prior to this ever threaten anyone with gun shooting or was harmed in any way. Nothing but words. And media, media that twists things to what they want you to know! Nothing at that point, before this event. Called for this action. Bundy himself wanted this arrest. He made a statement via his lawyer. “The process is working, it is in the court now”. However he didn’t want anyone to die getting there. FBI and OSP had another agenda. Finicum, himself has been fighting this issue for years himself. for his own land. He has video on it. I implore you to go watch them and him on them. He is a well collected, calm and learned man!
            When I first watch the video of the event. I thought he was reaching too. Because I heard the media say, he rushed the officers and had a weapon. Then I reviewed it again. Then others show things I didn’t catch. It has stink all over it!

            This issue is not going away, Texas, Nevada, Arizona, Utah and Oregon. Now back in Texas recently. All connected to the BLM. Land claims have been in existence for hundreds of years. As long as you work the land, maintain it and defend it, it is yours. Defend it, in the sense if you are challenged you can show you are doing all that is required to possess it and maybe if need be by force. Evicting trespasser, Squatters or those trying to take it! Now they are coming in and taking it away. And use fees on land claimed has not been a practice for that long. This is just the beginning of this ride. They (BLM and/or FEDs) have more in store for us.

          • Darrel Moats says:

            I would like to add. When a person in this situation exit a vehicle or a building or whatever the case. Has hands in the air, It is a sign of cease and desist by the law. At that point. No forceful or lethal action is supposed to be administered for any reason. Unless said person by his actions poses a threat again. There was never a threat in the video, that show anyone at threat of life. These officers, OSP were set up. They had their weapons out and trained on the victim. Reaching if so is not reason to shoot. Anyone knows did you see a weapon is the rule of action. Had he came out with a gun they had sufficient time to respond then.

      • Santiago Matamoros says:

        Being that the FEDS are a branch of the government, ultimately under the direction of the Muslim in Chief, the FEDS should follow the same Rules of Engagement that the Muslim in Chief has handcuffed our men in uniform with. These peaceful protesters who occupied an unoccupied building and were a threat to no one, would be alive today.
        This execution by Federal Law Enforcement sent a very loud and clear message. The Federal Government is the greatest threat to the American people. I for one, do not feel the Federal Government has my best interests in mind and I do not feel the Federal Government can or will protect me against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

      • John Bowman says:

        Dipshit, he was on his way to meet with the County Sheriff and the cops KNEW that. They could have arrested him then. Instead they shot at his truck!

        • The real scoop people, it was a tip off by someone inside. If was done right then the 3% and Oath Keepers would have ecorted him. That’s why there was no orotection, disinformation was given.

        • Of course they knew it, and the meeting was staged. The County Sheriff up there helped lure them out there. He wasn’t going to cavort with people engaged in felonious activities to give them aid and comfort. He was working with the FBI to get them out on that road for the operation.

          They certainly weren’t going to wait for Finicum to show up anywhere near town so that he could surround himself with innocent civilians.

          • Once again, you haven’t done your homework. If he was that kind of man, he would’ve grabbed the woman who was riding with him, and used her as a human shield. That’s a pretty crappy mentality.

      • Clearly Glen you are misguided and have no idea about what happened. Why don’t you FB Brandon Curtiss of the Idaho 3% and tell him what you think happened?
        We need another good laugh, we’re pretty bored with the same old theory. Yours just makes us laugh even harder. Do you even think for yourself?

      • Pablo Descartes says:

        Hey nancy the roadblocks were set up this way for a reason, he wasn’t intended to be taken at the first stop. That’s why at the 1st stop they kept Finicum waiting in the vehicle for over 30min without giving any commands to get out or any form of communication. Then when Ryan Bundy showed hands of surrender they fired at the vehicle with the intention of causing the vehicle to run, like pushing a mouse through a maze with a trap at the end.
        They gunned LaVoy Finicum down in cold blood, against sop’s then fired rounds into him as he lay on the ground. Whether these dry-gulching cowards were fbi or a special hit squad, they are murderers under US Constitution & need to be on trial.

      • BrotherPatriot says:

        Glen, your (and their) narrative FAILS.
        LaVoy & his passengers decided that it would be dangerous to get out of the vehicle since the jackboots just SHOT at them.
        They figured it was safer in the vehicle, and that the jackboots intended to KILL them.
        (BUT…after being just shot at, one of them (Ryan Payne – imagine that), decides to get out where ALL the rest thought otherwise. He decided that it’s safer step out of the truck and face their shooters…lives…and the rest is History.
        Is he lucky…or…???
        (Did he know that there was a roadblock up ahead with assassin’s? That there was an ambush prepared? Who even argued with LaVoy to not drive for Sheriff Palmer in Grant County, as Victoria mentions…?)
        This is what we are all coming to understand.
        After he stopped…with their hands out the window, Ryan Payne attempted to stick his head out the window & communicate with the jackboots…they shot at him & either missed or he ducked away just in time.
        Realizing that “they” were going to try & kill them…LaVoy decided to run for Grant County and get to the Constitutional Sheriff there…Sheriff Palmer.
        Ryan Payne gets out of the car.
        Seeing the road block eventually up ahead…he tried to go around it…but…one of the “officers” (jackboots) got infront of the truck who then LaVoy attempts to miss, driving his truck deep into the snow…all the while bullets were coming in on them.
        (Heroic #1 by LaVoy).
        Immediately, LaVoy got out of the car and faded far from the truck in order to draw the attention upon himself in an attempt to save his passengers.
        (Heroic #2).
        Bravely standing alone with hands over his head (struggling to go through the snow) he gave his life for us all & showed himself to be the TrueBlood American Patriot that he was. He was NOT brandishing a weapon but they still shot him down like a dog.
        (Heroic #3).
        LaVoy Finicum will live forever (like William Cooper) in the minds and hearts of every Patriot from here to the end of time.
        Posterity will remember him for the honest, God loving man, husband, father & grandfather that he was…as America lost one of her finest on 1/26/2016.
        HOOYAH & God Bless his memory…he will be sorely missed but never forgotten.

      • Who made motions suggesting they were going for a weapon? I suppose it’s not enough for you after seeing an agent JUMP IN FRONT OF THE SUBURBAN, then seeing the FBI say he SWERVED HIS CAR TO HIT SAID AGENT!
        Why was there a shooter in the trees?
        Why would he carry a weapon in his left pocket when he was right-handed?
        You obviously don’t know that one of the passengers in the suburban was shot in the shoulder, do you? Maybe you should do some studying before you open your mouth

  3. sylviasusan says:

    The Republicans should have an investigation into this shooting, since we all know the Democrats won’t. They think we are just suppose to accept their word when BLM has been grabbing large swaths of land in Texas also and they have kicked BLM out, we’ll see just what happens here, they are going to try and bury this.

    • Well you better vote for Trump then if you want something done about it. The Benghazi hearings haven’t even finished being heard and Josh Earnest gets on the podium and says Hillary will likely not be indicted. They clearly shot this man in cold blood. You can clearly see that he is grabbing at his side and bending over at the same time. The minute I saw the video it was evident that somebody shot him and he was grabbing where they shot and then he got shot from behind and went down. Then you see all the lasers on his head and you can’t tell if they are shooting him or what. If you haven’t watched the Steven Avery movie “Making a Murderer”, then it should be a must watch if you want to see how the FBI works or how incompetent they are. Just sad that we have people like this in our government and the call had to have come from the DOJ to shoot him.

    • Kenneth Genari says:

      Trump ain’t winning so get over it

  4. Dianna Powell Simpson says:

    He was assassinated…plain and simple…by the powers that be.

  5. James Taylor says:

    this is a call to anonymous!!! we the people need your help retrieving the audio! there has to be audio on this somewhere!?

  6. Kenneth Genari says:

    I have done the checks to. This gun was never reported stolen. This is a republican website and not all the stories are true and accurate. Someone is lying. How can you shoot down thru the roof of the truck from the ground? There was no snipers at the first stop.we will never know the whole story. People need to quit jumping to conclusions. I am a democrat and have never gunned someone down so you people need to quit putting us down.the country is a better place with Democrats in office.

  7. Darrell Birkey says:

    The gun being a stolen gun is not evidence that it was planted… just that at some point it was stolen. It is very possible that Lavoy had a stolen gun. Assuming that his cohorts are reliable witnesses is also a huge assumption. Many people lie to make themselves or their friend look good.

    • Kenneth Genari says:

      That is so true. One witness said he was on his knees. Total be. If they shot him in the face there would have been blood all over the snow. Hardly reliable those witnesses are

      • Jay Blanchard says:

        I found it strange there was no blood in the snow. Certainly he was shot – why no blood?
        When your body goes into a high adrenalin phase capillaries restrict and this happens.

    • Stanley Quick says:

      He stole his own gun? That doesn’t make any sense!

    • Darrell I believe you think and write clearly. I agree with everything you said.

    • He never had so much as a speeding ticket he announced in a video explaining the Constitution and how the BLM stole his grazing rights and shut off his water so he could not feed and water his cattle. They wanted him dead as bad as they wanted him forced off his land. This current government suks!

      Must see video.

    • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor says:

      And you’re willing to project that trait upon a single citizen and give the federal government a free pass?? The federal government has become an unhealthy leviathan, and you don’t think the chances of this trait might rise exponentially in such a large organization? Really?

    • Peter J Davis says:

      @ Darrell: you said “Many people lie to make themselves or their friends look good” You mean like you, Obama, Hillary, the FBI, the State police, the governor of Oregon, the BLM, and all of the liberal Media along with every shithead out there like you that’s either owned by Obama or else has sold their soul to Satan for their greater love for his and Obama’s Liberal Socialist/ Muslim Brotherhood Party? Just as Harry Reid said when he lied his ass off about Mitt Romney and his taxes: “Well it got Obama elected didn’t it,” and so the FBI are lying their asses off now. But these people/ eye witnesses to this Bonnie and Clyde style ambush, that was clearly intended to have murdered them all, are telling the truth and everyone else knows it except for shitheads like you and all the rest of your evil lying kind. To coin a phrase: If Satan had a son he would look just like Obama.

    • It is fairly common for cops to carry stolen guns to place at a scene, to justify a shooting gone bad.
      It is far less likely that Lavoy would first surrender, then go for a gun that he would not be able to quickly draw. Which several retired and former LEO’s have pointed out.

  8. Johnny Bliss says:

    funny. don’t approve my comment. what a joke. MURICA MUH POLICE!

  9. Johnny Bliss says:

    this guy always supports police then he is the problem. muh police heroes. well your police kill lavoy. you clown

  10. Thank you for letting me know who was reporting the FALSE MEME. This needs to be taken down and STOPPED from going viral. Even Lozzafun1 removed it. The family was very upset to see this going around. Think about it? Why would they EVER release the Serial Number?! People are absolutely sick to start a meme like this. I guess someone already reported them since it is no longer on their site. smh

  11. ConcernedMom says:

    Both claims are absolutely false, PPN ran NO search on any gun and as of lastnight, his family still didn’t have LaVoys body… Shame on all media reporting this bs!!!

  12. Maximus Max says:

    The OSP officer only tasered him, that’s when he fell. He was still alive at this point. He was then shot by snipers in the treeline. Where’s the autopsy report?

  13. ross mcglockness says:

    FK U fbi.

  14. Interesting, since the serial number of the gun has not yet been released, and having friends in law enforcement run that number, it comes back as invalid. As in, the serial number does not exist. I won’t let facts get in the way of your conspiracy, however.

  15. Steamboat Willie says:

    They claim 9 shots to his body, that could happen from just one shot from a shotgun loaded with buckshot.

  16. Suicide bombers (ie terrorists) try to run roadblocks and get a can of whoopass opened on them.
    Considering his prior published statements and his actions at the roadblock, why should he (an admitted terrorist) have been treated any different?


  18. Denise Smith says:

    If I were the family I would get me a good lawyer and sue for his murder

  19. Kent Krokaugger says:

    There is clear video that the entire world has seen of him reaching twice for his gun. This is not remotely debatable. When a fool says he won’t be taken alive, then reaches for his gun, you get taken down with authority.

  20. I sure hope this isn’t what it appears to be; cold blooded murder.

  21. Gary Burleson says:

    Like 1080p quality,let that sink in a minute they can read what’s on a match pack from space and this is the best resolution they have. It was down sampled on purpose so you could speculate. Can you even make out the race of the Individual in the video and would this hold up in court of law as definitive proof sounds life speculation to me?

  22. Eric Arnold says:

    So, your story here hinges on the idea that an apparent family member of someone shot by cops is able to directly call the FBI, who then willingly turns over the serial number of a gun they allegedly planted? Full stop right there. We wont even mention the discrepancies between this account and the ACTUAL STATEMENT released by the family’s attorney, or the eyewitnesses who confirmed the police version of events, or Finicum’s statement that he wasnt going to be taken alive. Because this story is so obviously fake BS. It’s just not plausible or logical that that would ever happen. At the very least, for law enforcement to turn over proprietary information about evidence such as the serial number of a gun, you would need to file a FOIA request, which certainly wouldnt be turned over within four days, especially during an active investigation. Most likely, you would have to file a civil lawsuit and then make a FOIA claim to get evidence in discovery, if you’re not a major media outlet. Which could take years. And even then, law enforcement could redact if the info impacts any open investigation. Your source is a Facebook post? really? who’s able to make one call and instantly trace a stolen gun? and the alleged serial number of the allegedly stolen gun in and of itself is proof of what, exactly…? that the posted has a numeric keypad? LOL. No make/model #, no screenshot of a stolen weapons database, nothing. Ok suuuuuuuuure.

  23. Just Straight Shooting says:

    Their intent was to MURDER HIM IN COLD BLOOD. They should all fry for this because of the magnitude of it, every single person connected and involved with this premeditated murder of LaVoy Finicum needs to fry for this.

  24. Truth InLove316 says:

    If Gov. Kate Brown hadn’t been so insistent about wanting the situation resolved, might this death have been prevented.

  25. Shouldn’t break the law or take over federal buildings armed. These thug terrorist got what they deserved like the rest of them do. Hell …9 shots? Thats lightwork compared to what happens to others..Everyone’s perspective changes when the shoe is on the other foot. Good riddance. People need to stop thinking they are above the aw…

  26. One aspect not considered here is that the Feds have made a martyr out of Finnicum. And facts like suffering nine shots can only support his martyrdom. Now, the protesters have a hero…and nothing law enforcement or the courts will do will ever remove the distrust that this death has generated. The whole issue isn’t really involved in terrorism. The whole-cloth is about grass for cattle. Pretty simple. Even the Hammonds case was about better grass for cattle that just so happened to involve 139 acres of federal land that got scorched. The BLM wants to ignore the livestock, corrals and buildings owned by ranchers that were burned to the ground this past year…and without compensation for the destruction. If the federal government doesn’t get it together this could turn into as full-fledged range war.

  27. well if they can get away with what they did to kelly thomas, and america didnt care, its kinda over in my opinion. they can torture and murder unarmed innocent people at will. america doesnt care.

  28. papowbyebye says:

    I Dunno about anyone else but from where I come from a “SHOOT OUT!!” IS When 2 parties or groups are firing back and fourth at the other one. NOT!!! I REPEAT NOT!!! One party or group firing on another or a group that is unarmed and not shooting at all not one shot came from them NOT ONE!! This was a message hence the video that conveniently has NO sound too… it was also and inside job as well someone knew exactly what there plans were I would look at who was with that group and not arrested or the one who’s name is not listed with the group that was arrested …. the cell phones or any other communication devices don’t work on that stretch of highway they conveniently decided to plan this AMBUSH ….. there was no probable cause you can candy coat a turd all damn day but it’s still a turd …. and the Turds run this country they lead from THE behind hence THE TURDS…..

  29. For all the sheeple cheering for the government all I can say is Ruby Ridge, and the Branch Davidian………………

  30. The Watcher says:

    I see the Officer above the drift line get hit by the truck and then limp back to cover. Then I see the man that hit him making an attempt to run into the tree line. You don’t hit an officer and then run away from the vehicle hands up or not and live. Just doesn’t happen. Period.

  31. Robert Rice says:

    That posting is fake. I ran a check on that number and its not in any stolen gun database. I know we’re all pissed at the FBI and OSP, but making up lies isnt the way to deal with it. In the end such lies will only make our side look desperate. We have the truth, we dont need to lie about it..

  32. And how did PPN get the serial number from the 9mm the FBI allegedly planted? That rather important detail gets glossed over in this hysterical narrative. And that’s probably because there’s no bloody way the FBI would release the serial number to a stolen gun that they planted.

    Which means, as with almost everything else coming from the Vanilla ISIS sympathizers, that this fairy tale version of the arrest is just another steaming pile of crap. They invent “facts” and blindly accept the inconsistent and subjective “eyewitness” accounts as gospel truth without a hint of irony. Perhaps Y’allQuaeda lovers are irony impaired.

    Everyone disagreeing with this ludicrous paranoia is either a cop, or a fed, or whatever other epithet the true believers care to fling? Do you people even know – or care – just how stupid you make yourselves look, especially as you shriek about how blind and stupid you claim others are?

    Definitely irony impaired.

  33. Bruce Rowley says:

    Another example of armed governmrnt gong wild on its own citizens. The DOJ at its best, shades of Janet Reno and Waco. I do not want to sound sexist but, why does it always appear to happen under the thumb of a female Attorney General?

    • You may not have wanted to sound sexist, but you succeeded at misogyny nonetheless.

      Given that this played out over an entire month, when even those fervently wishing to avoid violence were questioning why the authorities appeared to be doing nothing, Waco is the opposite of this incident. Not even shades of it.

      “Another example of armed governmrnt (sic) gong (sic) wild on its own citizens” is just purely ignorant and a gross oversimplification of the matter. Perhaps all the complicated details of the occupation don’t make for good one-liners.

      Finicum is recorded as saying he wouldn’t be taken alive. He “accidentally” almost killed an officer with the vehicle he was driving, advanced on them aggressively in direct contravention of police orders yelling, “Just shoot me!”, and reached for his belt area.

      Even the most credulous conspiracy loony has to admit that’s exactly how to commit suicide by cop. Which is precisely what Finicum had in mind – by his own words, true believers. He wanted very much to be a martyr, acted the fool and got himself killed exactly as he wanted. Now the terrorist sympathizers scream murder, beyond all reason and logic.

      But reason and logic aren’t convenient to the agenda, so just toss that out, right?

      • Brannon Craig says:

        If someone was shooting at you, would you sit there and take it ? What ever happen that day, a Good man was killed or murder . It is what I personally think and others do to. So, we are not really on the fringe of society .

        • No one shot at Finicum until AFTER:

          1. He stated he would not be taken alive
          2. He stated he was armed many times
          3. He nearly ran over a law enforcement agent
          4. He aggressively moved at law enforcement who were aware of all the above facts
          5. He reached for his belt area.

          Under those circumstances, I would be astonished if he wasn’t shot at.

          Finicum was killed, yes. But he was not murdered. He deliberately acted in ways to draw a lethal response from law enforcement. He wanted to be a martyr and he left zero room for peaceful resolution.

          • Brannon Craig says:


          • And… therefore your assertion that Finicum was murdered (“What ever happen that day, a Good man was killed or murder”) is incorrect, which I demonstrated above.

            Good solid response from your ass, but maybe next time let your brain do the talking.

  34. Bruce Rowley says:

    Government heads better roll for this attack.

    • Yeah…no. That’s not going to happen. That wasn’t an attack, but rather a clever way to arrest folks who threatened to murder anyone who attempted to arrest them for their criminal actions. Weird how those threats – recorded more than once, for all to plainly see – go unaddressed, while wildly fantastical conspiracies are swallowed whole.

      • Tyrannys_enemy says:

        You’re right, it was NOT an attack…It was an “ambush”!!!
        No one said that they would murder anyone trying to arrest them!!! Where is THAT video??
        They said that they intended on defending themselves!!! Nothing more, and when that becomes a crime, then none of us will get out alive!!!

        If they didn’t flat intend on just killing them…then why were FBI Agents hiding in the woods??

        • They holed up in the refuge, and stated more than once to media and law enforcement that they were armed and would shoot at anyone attempting to arrest them. That’s common knowledge.

          What you call ambush, I call a clear-headed and clever tactic. The authorities let the Bundy Bunch come and go untouched for awhile, leading them into a false sense that they could just do whatever they want and no one would touch them. Turns out they were wrong, and when they made an attempt to leave the refuge without their children for shields, police arrested them.

          Finicum wasn’t about to allow that to happen peacefully, though.

          They may have said that they intended on defending themselves, but when that translates into shooting at law enforcement attempting to arrest them for their crimes, that’s a threat to premeditated murder.

          FBI hiding in the woods…IF that’s even true, then how about simple surveillance? It sure as hell wasn’t snipers (as some have claimed elsewhere), because if it was, they’d all have been shot and killed all at once, through the wooden walls of the refuge. Otherwise, why even have snipers, right? So that’s not a viable conspiracy theory either.

          Your overuse of punctuation (and “no one gets out alive” trope) comes across as hysteria. I imagine that’s not your intent, but I’m mentioning it so that you can try for more credibility.

          Incidentally, there’s “conveniently no sound” on the video because it was shot from a helicopter. You wanna put a mike on a helicopter and see what sound you pick up? Jeez. Think, man.

          • Tyrannys_enemy says:

            Got a link of them saying they’d shoot anyone trying to arrest them??
            You keep saying that, but I’ve never seen anything like that at all, so where’s the proof??
            All I’ve ever seen, is that they were willing to fight, and die (if need be, it wasn’t a request) to fight for freedom.

            Where did “conveniently no sound” come from?? (They could have added radio chatter, which has been done, many times before, if there was nothing to hide…They’re most likely getting that together to be released later this week) however I never said anything like that to you!!!

            What you call “Trope” I call reality, when it’s against the law to defend yourself…That’s a God Given Right!!!

            You can’t attack my spelling so the extra punctuation becomes your target huh?? (this is a comment section online…Not a professional letter, professor)

            At what point were they violent?? Or threatening for that matter??
            Did they burn down that abandoned building?? Oh they must have looted the community, that they were trying to defend from tyranny?? Answers to all those questions is a resounding NO!!!
            Calling it a theory, when an unarmed man was gunned down in cold blood, regardless of anything that he may have “said” on a video, is a crime!!!

            IF it was true that an agent walked out of the woods, and shot Finicum in the face?? Really??
            The shotgun the agent came out of the woods with, to make that head shot, would have been an amazing sniper shot too!!!

            The irony is that: What you call a “clever tactic” occurred, after the group agreed to meet with those same agents, for a meeting. Working towards a peaceful resolution…
            Hiding in the woods for an ambush, and maliciously firing at a vehicle full of people they were merely trying to “arrest”?? Seems like a obvious logical “tactic” for a peaceful end…

            By the way…What color is the clear sky in your world??

          • Try looking at local Oregonian media or NPR. You’ll find your links there.

            “Conveniently no sound” came from a previous post below. It wasn’t all about you.

            You can call “no one gets out alive” reality if you want, but its overuse – particularly in this sort of hysterical conspiracy fantasy – is a trope.

            I wasn’t attacking your punctuation, just offering a suggestion. Your spelling wasn’t even mentioned. But if you perceive that as an attack, I think that says more about you than me.

            I didn’t say violent, pay attention. I did say threatening. That would be from the threats they issued about shooting at anyone attempting to arrest them. Go ahead and look into that. You took the time to check up on this article, a few from an opposing perspective would not go amiss.

            I said nothing about burning a building or looting the community. Your fallacy is: Strawman.

            I wrote that a theory some have postulated about snipers wasn’t a viable conspiracy theory. It’s right there for you to read. I don’t get how you manage to twist that, but neither am I surprised.

            Yes, really. IF. Look at the video. Notice the movement and lack of blood pooling around the head? That strongly implies no face shot. Especially from a very messy shotgun. However, since Finicum was wearing a kevlar vest, the throat/face would be the logical target. If someone claiming he was armed and wasn’t going to be taken alive nearly ran over my co-worker and reached for his belt, I’d shoot him in the face too. And so would you, unless you have zero self-preservation instinct. Or can you not empathize with other perspectives?

            I’m ignoring your personal attack. But it’s funny that you respond to one you think I made against you, and then make one yourself. Ah well.

          • Tyrannys_enemy says:

            I basically said that I’m done…You change everything I say to make your lame argument sound credible to you…You obviously have an issue, and act like, “your opinion matters more than the truth”!!!

            I never said “no one gets out alive” I said “When defending yourself is a crime none of us will survive” There’s a difference their whether you want to see it or not!!!

            You commented to ME, and mentioned sound, attacked my use of punctuation on a comment thread and continue to try and insult me…you might try and make your comments to others, under their comments, no one is going to hunt for your words, professor!!!

            You keep spewing hatred, for people that stood up for their rights!!! Your condescending attitude towards everything shows that you are beyond reproach!!! You must be related to Harry Reid, I’m guessing…He has that elitist attitude as well!!!

            Perhaps you should try and read things the way they’re written, and not change them to suit you…Then you may find someone partially receptive to your ridiculous, opinionated rhetoric, that makes no sense!!! Continually screaming about what the rule of law is, and how it works, shows that you have no idea how to combat judicial corruption…but hey…The feds agree with you…right?? (for now!!!)

          • Okay, it’s become pretty clear that you’re not interested in a reasoned discussion. You make almost no coherent sense at all. And you see insults and attacks where I’m not making them, then offer insults and attacks in return without the slightest sense of irony. If you want insults, attacks, and condescension, I can certainly oblige you. Perhaps then you’ll see the difference, but based on your responses I imagine you’d only ramp up your crazy.

            Scroll down to papowbyebye’s post and you’ll see what I was responding to regarding sound. Then we’ll see if you have the grace to feel as stupid as you sound with your insistence that I was commenting to you specifically.

            Since there’s no chance you’ll heed any perspectives outside of your own, or even make the slightest effort at critical assessment, then there’s no point in furthering this argument. You can continue your shrieking if you like.

  35. Tyrannys_enemy says:

    The storyline is a lie!!!
    Anyone ever hear of the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012??
    It repealed the law that did not allow Propaganda and false Ops to be used against the American People!!!

    This is today’s American Government folks!!! Those of you, who refuse to pay attention, will be led to the slaughter like the sheep you are…
    The rest of us, will continue to fight. Fight for the freedom, that so many, have already given their lives to defend!!! (Including Lavoy Finicum!!!) Freedom isn’t free!!! We are always but ONE GENERATION away from losing it!!!

    The division of opinions involved are in the Governments favor!!! Look past the propaganda, so that you can see that America, as we know it, is dying on a daily basis!!!

    • You go right on fighting. Just do it lawfully.

      • Tyrannys_enemy says:

        How, pray tell, does one accomplish that, when the legal system is also just as corrupt??
        Or perhaps you have a simple answer to “protesting an unjust law”??
        These men and women were peaceful!!! Even when they were being shot at, by oppressive government agents, that are supposed to work for the people of the United States, not politicians, or any agency, but the PEOPLE!!!

        You can’t truly believe, that judges wouldn’t stick with those, who would easily “remove” them from the bench?? Or that they can’t be “Bought”??
        Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely!!!

        This Government is supposed to work FOR us…Not ON us or AGAINST us!!!
        There’s a reason that they United States Constitution (The Supreme Law of this Country) begins with large letters reading “WE THE PEOPLE”

        • The legal system is what we have. If you don’t like it, work to change it lawfully. There is a mechanism for it.

          If those men and women were peaceful, they would not be armed and threatening to shoot at anyone attempting to arrest them. Simple.

          They were peaceful when being shot at? No one shot at any of the occupiers until that arrest. Then, the one yelling, “Just shoot me!”, the one who stated plainly in the media that he would not be taken alive, who clearly wished to be a martyr – deliberately chose to act in a way guaranteed to get a lethal response from law enforcement.

          And how about that officer nearly run over before Finicum lost control? Any sympathy for a man doing his job enforcing American law, or does he not count as one of the people of the United States. Because everyone – on BOTH sides – are American people.

          Law enforcement doesn’t remove judges from benches. The rest of that is rambling nonsense.

          The government is indeed supposed to work for us. All of us. Not just the self-serving domestic terrorists who want to take land owned by the American public and use it for their own private gain.

          “We the people…” also includes everyone, not just lawbreakers. When the Bundy Bunch chose to occupy a public venue “for the people” – closing it so the public couldn’t use it, incidentally – with firearms and threats to law enforcement, they broke the law. Being arrested for crimes committed is not government working against the people.

          Try posting less rhetoric, so that you appear less unreasonable and unthinking. Spouting jingoistic slogans does nothing to advance your argument.

          • Tyrannys_enemy says:

            So you’re one of those…
            Won’t look at anything outside of what your told…you apparently can’t see or think outside of the liberal agenda.
            You just keep spewing hatred for these people!!!

          • One of those…what?

            Clearly we agree to disagree. No need to go making hyperbolic generalities. “Liberal agenda”…I guess that’s a nice neat label for everything that doesn’t agree with your world view.

            Spewing hatred…nope. Just trying to point out some facts going unheeded here. However:

            “One of those”, “oppressive government agents”, et cetera… that’s hatred.

            I’m sorry you’re terrified of your government. I’m sorry you choose to live in fear. But the idea of this faceless monster of government you’ve swallowed without any critical assessment, doesn’t exist. And we’re ALL Americans here. Not just the ones you agree with.

  36. And on further review, the video shows Finicum doing some squirming after being shot, and there’s not a pool or spray of blood around the head so the shot-in-the-face claim of “Barbara Davis” seems unlikely.

    Between that and the claimed serial number it looks like this article bears little to no resemblance to objective reporting. Not that any was expected.

  37. Jeanne Wallace says:

    di we learn nothing from Waco and Ruby Ridge?

    • Seventy-six people died at Waco, and three – including a U.S. Marshal – dies at Ruby Ridge.

      Finicum’s death – the only death involved – came after a month, after a number of requests that they surrender peacefully. After multiple threats to shoot at anyone attempting to arrest them. And after the authorities managed to let them believe a small number of them could leave the refuge untouched.

      Since this occupation and its handling bears not even a passing resemblance in real life to Waco or Ruby Ridge, I’d say the answer to your question is: yup, we sure did.

  38. Brannon Craig says:

    Well, how deep does the rabbit hole go. It seems that it is deeper than any of us thought. A man cut down with 9 rounds and a planted gun. I ask why has not the main stream media and both Executive Branches of the Sate and Federal Government, made any attempt to bring light to this? If this would have happen in the inter-cities, right now the city would be on fire. But when you are a Rancher a real man, that will not back down, from a fight for the rights of his fellow man. It is deemed O.K and next.

    The West is madder than hell and the rest of you all are, just acting like this is just another one to put on the books. Sad, come on America open your eyes. For God sakes.

    • The rabbit hole has an infinte depth for those willing to believe the “evil gubmint” is out to get them.

      • Brannon Craig says:

        This is a problem with Americans in General, we always have to be on the right side. Any way you look at it what happen in Oregon is unjust and unlawful. We the people are the owners of the United States of America. Not these folks the work for the Government. But for some reason or another we have forgotten our function. We are the forth branch of the Government and we have the last say, in what goes on in America. It seems that most of us have forgotten our civics classes.

  39. There will be more sympathy for the rebellion. Avenged the death of Finicum. Death to the Feds. We will treat you like ISIS. F#@K YOU !

  40. I’d like to hear audio with the video to see if the first shot was fired while his hands were in the air. I’d suspect they were.

  41. John Bowman says:

    I see him shot first by the guy behind the truck on right, while his hands were up. Then possibly a second shot from guy standing in middle. Last shot that made him drop was a taser. Execution pure and simple.

  42. wheres the niggers on this?

  43. sidearm45 . says:

    That message from “Barbara Davis” looks phony as hell. A photo of a computer screen rather than a screen shot. bet no one thought to verify this first did they?

  44. Nikc Harding says:

    You all, need to look at the bigger picture. Why do you think this is happening? $20 Trill, in dept to China. Economy crashing..AGAIN. More fake money out of thin air. Why did Harry Reid, end up with a permanent black eye, right after the Bundy fiasco(fiasco for him), and then retire? He made promises he couldn’t keep, so he got what people get, when you owe the mob money, or failed to deliver a promise. Why do you think the FBI hasn’t charged Hillary yet? They won’t, unless she loses. Another punishment from the mob, is dropping a dime. She is mearly being protected right now, because Obunghole is under the same obligations. He did his job though. He shut down our rigs in the gulf, so the Chinese could move theirs in. Twice as many, mind you, and the same depths. There is only one way out of this, and they will kill ANYONE that tries to stop them. I believe their lives are on the line too. I also believe they will go through hell, or high water, to make sure Hillary wins the election. I see this all falling apart though. Then ALL our lives are on the line. China will demand satisfaction. Only Trump, would give them the fight we need. Which is why I’d vote for him. He knows the deal, and will(hopefully) fight on that political level.
    What happened to Lavoy, is the first casualty, of the last war. There will be no more, after this one. If things go one way, we will all be speaking Mandarin, or in a fight to survive. If it goes the other way? We will have to fight, but we will have the govt. on our side, instead of helping the enemy. So vote for NO establishment, or life long politician. Trump is simply the best option. I’m really not stumping for the guy. He is simply the best option, to the equation. The sum of which, is our chances of survival. I’m fighting, either way. Our work, Lavoy’s work, must continue. This is way bigger, then a protest, a ranch, the BLM, or some crooked judge. This, at it’s core, is about a $20 Tril. dept, due to govt. handouts, and corporate bail outs. Only REAL way out, where we keep our Republic, is to give China the finger. Then we will have to see how bad they want it. The good book says it will be us, and Israel, against the world. THAT would get us there. China owns everyone. We OWE, China. They would call backup. They would have to answer, or be destroyed. They’ll need the help. This is all very complex(secret combinations), but very real. It’s not even difficult to see. So, if this is what the Bible refers to? Hell, Trump could be what is referred to as the Anti-Christ. Not that he is evil(like most think). The Anti-Christ, mearly brings the end about, by trying to repair what is flawed. Telling China to piss off(since WE THE PEOPLE didn’t accrue the dept. Our politicians did, and they haven’t represented us, for a long time), and isolating our country, to be self sufficient, would do it. Who knows? Guess we’ll see. It all depends on the fortitude of Americans. As far as our politicians are concerned, we’re just collateral for them to sell off. First it’s our land. Next will be us, as individuals. Put up, or shut up. You’re choice. The Feds really made a mistake, by killing an LDS High Priest. Bad move..if he held a TR?…..REALLY bad move…. They have no idea. Neither do most of you. Govt. has a hard time, learning lessons. They have to be taught the same one’s over, and over. History is mute, for these idiots.

  45. If you really want to truly stand behind these “patriots” and their unlawful occupation of land owned by all Americans, send your donations to the Malheur National Refuge to help cover the damages they’ve done.

    I suspect though, that support falls short of helping to clean up their mess. 😉

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