In This CHILLING Interview, Obama Openly Admits The Left’s Agenda- Reveals Who Is Actually In Charge And It’s NOT Biden


The United States of America used to stand for freedom and was the beacon of hope across the globe.  Those days are long past and have faded into history as we have fallen, yes, we have fallen to Marxism which leads directly to communism.

Obama was the puppet dictator that was furthering the deep states agendas and in 8 years he destroyed a lot but was unable to put nails into the coffin of freedom.

Now it’s up to Biden and the far left Communists to finish the job of destroying America.

Breitbart reports that Barack Hussein Obama said in an interview published Tuesday his former Vice President Joe Biden was finishing the work he began to redistribute wealth through programs like Obamacare.

“I think that what we’re seeing now, is Joe and the administration are essentially finishing the job,” he said in an interview with New York Times columnist Ezra Klein. “And I think it’ll be an interesting test. Ninety percent of the folks who were there in my administration, they are continuing and building on the policies we talked about…”

Obama expressed his frustration that former President Donald Trump’s administration interrupted his ability to get credit for the strength of the economy.

“That clouds what I think would have been a more impactful shift in political views towards Democrats as a result of my presidency,” he said.

Biden surrounded himself with Obama’s administration staff, it was obvious who was the main puppet in charge from day 1.  Biden is just the creepy criminal they chose to put in The White House because they have full control over him and he does whatever they say, whenever they say to do it.

It’s very easy to control a demented, senile old man.

Obama was the great experiment gone wrong in our nations history and we are still paying for it and the price could be the complete breakdown of everything that is the very foundations of our nation.

But Obama said he hoped Biden’s success would shift the next generation of Americans toward more leftist policies.

“If they’re successful over the next four years, as I think they will be, I think that will have an impact,” he said.

Obama said the political environment of the coronavirus pandemic was different, as Republicans had teamed up with Democrats to spend $2 trillion in economic stimulus and Americans were more willing to accept help from the government.

“I think we’re now in an environment where if we just get some big pieces in place, building on what we did before, people will notice,” Obama said. “And it will have a political impact.”

Straight out of the traitors mouth, “Biden’s success would shift the next generation of Americans toward more leftist policies.” 

What else do people need to hear?  The criminal left straight up just admitted they are indoctrinating your children into accepting a communistic future and the frightening part, it is working!

That isn’t some propaganda or some outlandish media spin, that is straight blunt truth right out of Obama’s mouth.  He just told the world what they are doing and people are too busy to notice and sadly, people seem zombified and they do not care what is happening.

Welcome To The New World America…




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