BREAKING: China Makes TERRIFYING Announcement- Trump’s PISSED And This Is NOT GOOD


South China Sea, Peoples Republic of China’s military are very close to finishing construction of buildings for surface-to-air missiles on three of its artificial islands.


The intel came after the U.S. sent two more warships to the South China Sea over the weekend, a move that China highly condemned and publicly stated was  a provocation.

China claims almost all the waters, which carry a third of the world’s maritime traffic. Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam also have claims. Trump’s administration has called China’s island building in the South China Sea illegal.  President Donald Trump’s administration has suggested the possibility of U.S. military action, or even a naval blockade.

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Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, made it clear to China that the U.S. will use diplomatic means to resolve the tensions in the South China Sea, earlier in February. Mattis went to say that China has “shredding the trust of nations in the region”.


Back in January SOD Mattis issued a grave warning at his Senate confirmation hearing, saying the established world order is under its “biggest attack” since World War II as he called for boosting military readiness and America’s alliances.

“I think [the world order is] under the biggest attack since World War II … from Russia, from terrorist groups and with what China is doing in the South China Sea. deterrence is critical.”~SOD Mattis

The U.S. intelligence community has reported that China is receiving a delivery from Russia, advanced SA-21 launchers.  China already has massed hundreds of surface-to-air missiles on Hainan island just off the mainland for training, and intelligence officials believe they could be sent to China’s man-made islands next.

According to Reuters:

Building the concrete structures with retractable roofs on Subi, Mischief and Fiery Cross reefs, part of the Spratly Islands chain where China already has built military-length airstrips, could be considered a military escalation, the U.S. officials said in recent days, speaking on condition of anonymity.

“It is not like the Chinese to build anything in the South China Sea just to build it, and these structures resemble others that house SAM batteries, so the logical conclusion is that’s what they are for,” said a U.S. intelligence official, referring to surface-to-air missiles. has been following the tension in the South China Sea very closely and is dedicated to keeping the public updated with the truth and facts in the Pacific.  We will continue to report on the Pacific as we find out new details.

Now for Badger’s Blunt Truth:

Under the Obama administration, Obama created the “Patience Resolve” in the pacific region which failed miserably and allowed China to go unchecked and put a rush on finishing their construction of the islands and military units.  Even when China was told to stand down and that they do not have legal rights to all of the South China Sea, by The Hague International Court, China shrugged off the ruling and the U.N. and U.S. “condemned” China but that was it.

As is with any conflict, we attempt diplomatic measures to resolve the issues and once those fail, we impose sanctions.  The last measure is always military build up before going hot to put an end to the dictatorships and tyrants.

What I am watching for, a move from Japan that starts the conflict and that is what will force the U.S. into the conflict.

More to come.

(h/t FOX)

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