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It is unanimous! When even CHINA officially declares that the leftist mainstream American media is in the tank for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to ignore. 

The findings were included in a lengthy report released by the Communist government in Beijing listing the multitude of human rights and civil liberties violations by the United States in 2016 — a direct response to the March 3 release of the U.S. State Department’s annual survey of human rights violations in China and around the world.

The Chinese report starts out with the following –

“In 2016, the U.S. government exercised no effective control over guns, law enforcement departments abused their power, and crimes were not effectively contained. As a result, civil rights, especially the right to life, were seriously threatened and people’s personal rights were continuously infringed upon.”

According to an article written in the Washington Times, the Chinese government itemizes line by line what they perceive as violations of power, civil liberties, and human rights committed by both the press and the US government against the American people in 2016 –

In the section titled “Political Rights Undermined,” the Chinese government document contends that “U.S. media published a lot of biased reports and commentaries during the 2016 election, fully demonstrating their failure in staying objective or impartial.”

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American press outlets “clearly chose their side in covering the election,” the survey continues. “Among the top 100 newspapers based on circulation, 57 endorsed the Democratic nominee while 2 the Republican.”

The section also noted what it said were the growing influence of money in American politics and widespread voter anger and apathy.

“In 2016, money politics and power-for-money deals had controlled the presidential election, which was full of lies and farces,” the Chinese authors write, according to a text published by the official Xinhua news agency. “There were no guarantees of political rights, while the public responded with waves of boycott and protests, giving full exposure of the hypocritical nature of U.S. democracy.”

Other parts of the reports faulted the U.S. for gun violence, worsening race relations, rising income inequality and human rights abuses abroad, including targeted drone strikes. Washington, the report concluded, had no right to “point fingers” at other countries.

“With the gunshots lingering in people’s ears behind the Statue of Liberty, worsening racial discrimination and the election farce dominated by money politics, the self-proclaimed human rights defender has exposed its human rights ‘myth’ with its own deeds.”

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Just for example, in a comparison of descriptors and adjectives used during the 2016 take the New York Times’ coverage of the 1st Democratic presidential primary debate –

The Times’ main news story called it “a dominant performance.” The story commended Clinton’s “agility” and her “assertiveness” and found her critique of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) “forceful,” her assessment of his logic “stinging.” Plus, she laughed, smiled and joked, which never hurts, especially when there are concerns about a candidate’s “likeability.”

The accompanying “News Analysis” characterized Clinton’s performance as “commanding” and said she was “blunt” and “effective.” Even the adverbs in the two reports favored Clinton: “aggressively,” “crisply,” “emphatically,” “energetically.”

Sanders, by contrast, was “exasperated,” “unsure,” “sheepish” and “reactive.” One of his only positive moments was when he “zestfully defended” Clinton against attacks on her use of private email while secretary of State.

Over on the op-ed side, meanwhile, columnist Frank Bruni described Clinton as “energetic,” “buoyant,” “effervescent” and “poised.”

  • “Front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton dominated the debate stage Tuesday night.” (The Washington Post)
  • “Hillary Clinton delivered a poised, polished performance in the campaign’s first Democratic presidential debate, firmly defending herself against claims that she flip flops for political gain and likely quelling nerves in her own party after a stumbling start.” (CNN)
  • “Bernie Sanders’ mission Tuesday was to broaden his appeal beyond liberal Democrats and come across as a potential president. He didn’t, and the Democratic race for the White House remains Hillary Clinton’s to lose.” (McClatchy News Service)

Now tell me the Chinese are wrong?

God Bless.

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