China turned their back on Trump and the U.S. while saving face in the international community.  This shows China has no integrity and that they never intended on helping Trump with North Korea.


China’s ambassador to the UN Conference on Disarmament in Geneva, Fu Cong, said Beijing firmly opposed the deployment of THAAD “and will take necessary measures to defend our own security interests”.

Trump has repeatedly called on China to do more to rein in its neighbor, which has stepped up its missile development and nuclear program since 2016.

China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Lu Kang said Trump and Xi had pledged to stay in close contact after their first meeting earlier this month and the phone call didn’t indicate any change in China’s position.

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(Via Reuters)


China said on Wednesday no one had the right to bring chaos to the Korean peninsula, a day after it pushed for full implementation of U.N. sanctions against neighboring North Korea for its missile and nuclear tests and called for dialogue.


The United States has been trying to persuade China, North Korea’s lone major ally, to do more to rein in Pyongyang, which has conducted dozens of missile launches and tested two nuclear bombs since the start of last year, in defiance of U.N. Security Council resolutions.

The North has proudly publicized its plans to develop a missile capable of striking the United States and has ignored calls to halt its weapons programs, even from China.

It says the program is necessary to counter U.S. aggression. Its last missile test was on Sunday.

“No matter which party it is, no one has the right to bring war and chaos upon the peninsula,” Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told reporters after meeting German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel.

He said anyone who did that would bear “historical responsibility”.

Clearly China has done what most of us thought they would, they have turned their backs on the U.S. regarding North Korea.

China is furious about the deployment of the THAAD missile system in South Korea as well as furious over the involvement of the U.S. in the South China Sea.  Ah, there it is, most have forgotten about the debacle in the South China Sea and China’s refusal to follow international law that ruled against them last year.

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Now China has slapped Trump and the U.S. in their face and told the global community that whomever strikes North Korea will bear, “historical responsibility“.  In a nutshell, if the U.S. hits North Korea, China will hold us accountable and retaliate.

In the coming days we will see our government play this of and even come up with excuses as to why China has become a snake in the grass.  The iron clad proof is in China’s own words and that in itself can not be covered up, even though they will try and many will fall for it.

God Bless. SourceAFF

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