BREAKING ALERT: China’s President Jinping Addresses ENTIRE Chinese Military- President Trump Expected To Take ACTION



Chinese President Xi Jinping has addressed the country’s military by telling servicemen and women they should fear ‘neither hardship nor death’, Newsweek Reported.


Due to the rising tensions in the South Pacific, between North Korea and the United States, China has been moving troops and equipment to it’s border with North Korea.

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After the latest punches exchanged between President Trump and Kim Jong In, about who has a “bigger nuclear button” sitting on their desk, President Xi made the decision to address his military to prepare them for the upcoming conflict.


According to a retired Chinese military Major General, this is the 1st time since the founding of the country that instructions to the military have been directly issued by the Chairman of the CMC.  He added that this shows the world that the Chinese military have a strategic mission and are preparing combat readiness.

The Peoples Republic of China communist leader, President Xi Jinping addressed his military officer’s and soldiers, to prepare them for combat and war.


The military formation consisted of over 7,000 officers and soldiers in formation as well as broadcast to over 4,000 Chinese bases.  Which included the Chinese Navy, Army and Air Forces, all of which gathered to watch the live broadcast.

President Jinping began the live broadcast on Wednesday morning at 10 a.m., in a northern province of China, Hebei.

The focus of the broadcast was to ready his military Officers and soldiers for war, President Jinping’s message was one of strength and enhancement and combat readiness so that they grasp the capabilities to win battles.

“Commanders and personnel should fully implement the decisions and instructions by the CPC Central Committee and the CMC (Central Military Commission) with a fighting spirit of fearing neither hardship nor death.  The military should also train hard in a scientific way, be brave to overcome difficulties and surpass opponents, and create an elite and powerful force That is always ready for the fight.  Capable of combat and sure to win in order to fulfill the tasks bestowed by the party and the people in the new era.” 

The tensions have had a domino effect in the region as President Trump stated in mid-December of 2017, that he was very disappointed that China continues to allow oil to go into North Korea.

According to Foxnews, U.S. spy satellites reportedly captured photos of Chinese ships illegally selling oil to North Korean boats some 30 times since October.

Satellite images released by the U.S. Department of Treasury appeared to show vessels from both countries illegally trading oil in the West Sea, The Chosun Ilbo reported Tuesday, citing South Korean government sources.

China has long been telling the U.N. and the United States that they stand together with all the sanctions placed on North Korea.  All the while, China’s actions have proven otherwise, to the point that China has been aiding North Korea.

As the world watches the South Pacific tensions and growing nuclear threat by North Korea, we are left wondering when will the United States put a quick and decisive end to North Korea’s communist regime.


Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.



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