BREAKING: Chris Christie Just Dropped A BOMBSHELL Live On T.V.- What He Said Could Lead To ARRESTS! [VID]


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BREAKING: CNN’S Grand Jury Source Could Face Jail Time According To Governor Chris Christie

We’re promised by our liberal counterparts that the blood is in the water and that, come Monday, Flynn or possibly Manafort is  due to be in shackles and tossed in the slammer.  This is all supposed to be the handy work of the shamed Russian-linked FBI investigation led by Robert Mueller.  Mueller is such an honorable man that he never disclosed his connection to the Uranium One scandal, but this guy will bring us justice. Right.


Well, whatever the case may be, one thing is clear and both Chris Christie and Trey Gowdy are pissed off about it: someone is illegally leaking information about the decision-making of an allegedly closed-door, fully-confidential grand jury.  In other words, someone is breaking the law.

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Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” the New Jersey governor and former US Attorney had some stern words for the man or woman behind the leak:


Depending on who disclosed this to CNN, it could be a crime.

As a prosecutor, I can tell you, that was the thing that we emphasized the most with our prosecutors and our agents was, ‘Let me tell you, something, we will prosecute you if we find out you leaked this stuff. Because we have to have, the public have confidence in the fact that the grand jury process is secret and as a result fair. If you’re leaking stuff out of a grand jury, which happens, you shouldn’t be doing that. Again, we don’t know who leaked it to CNN. It would be a crime if prosecutors or agents leaked it.


Now wouldn’t it be funny–no, that’s not right, wouldn’t it be justice— if the only person arrested on Monday was the leaker himself? That’s obviously a long-shot but there’s no crime in dreaming as of yet.  The most frustrating part of all of this is that we can already be sure that Democrats  and the liberal-controlled media will constantly be pumping the narrative they choose while ignoring the Clinton collusion as water under the bridge.

We already know that the Clinton campaign colluded with CNN, spread maliciously fake reports about the current President, and has odious pay-for-play ties with Russia. How much more evidence do we need before the liberals will acknowledge it?  Does Clinton have to waltz across the stage and sing about selling Uranium yellowcake to the Russians before they’ll say something?  Even then, that likely wouldn’t be enough.  Clinton doesn’t seem to be that concerned about the situation either if here Twitter account is any indication–she’s still convinced she lost because of Comey:

How Serious Is Chris Christie? Let’s Just Say He Knows Public Corruption When He Sees It

The governor was clear that whoever leaked the charges were not on the Grand Jury–they would not be privy to the information.  That leaves a few options: Mueller’s team, the prosecution or the defense.  Only someone on the Defense could have leaked this information legally and let’s be honest: they wouldn’t do that.

Christie isn’t mincing words and he should be taken seriously.  In 2001, Christie was appointed to the office of the US Attorney for the District of New Jersey.  All 100 Senators approved of his nomination and he was unanimously confirmed on the 20th of December, 2001.  Christie has some experience with conducting court duties honorably, too.  The brother of Christie’s uncle, Tino Fiumara, was a regular wise-guy (and by that we don’t mean he liked to crack jokes).  When that case crossed his desk, Christie immediately recused himself from all matters related to it.

His focus as US Attorney was on public corruption: he was able to drive home 130 convictions or guilty pleas from public officials–both Republicans and Democrats.




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