Christian Preachers Brutally Beaten At Gay Pride Festival In Seattle… [Video]


Jason Queree, the man suspected of punching the protester multiple times, has been arrested 29 times since 1995. He has been convicted or otherwise found against for nine felonies, including forgery, stolen property, unlawful firearm possession and theft, and 12 misdemeanors, including driving with a suspended license, vehicle prowl, domestic violence, assault, DUI and criminal trespass.


Ah the tolerant left at it’s finest. These gay bastards beat the hell out of 2 preachers spreading God’s word at a gay parade and got ambushed by a bunch of gay thugs. It was all caught on video which we have here and I only hope these piles of garbage get locked up for their criminal offenses.

Look, we get it. You’re GAY! Big fricking deal. I’M NOT! Try kicking my a** and all that you’ll get is a mouthful of pavement. You demented punks.


Todd Starnes / Fox News Radio reports:

The preachers were holding signs reading “Repent or Else” and “Jesus Saves From Sin.” The video shows a group of people initially screaming and threatening the men during Pridefest at the Seattle Space Needle.

Pridefest… uh, okay. What are you proud of? LMAO!

Television station KOMO reported that some of the attackers belonged to a group called NOH8.

A group of women tried to steal their signs but were unsuccessful. The video then shows a group of men grabbing onto one of the preacher’s signs and dragging him to the ground. At some point he was punched in the back of the head a number of times while others can be seen kicking the man.

Another preacher was sucker punched in the back of the head.

Police arrested two suspects – one of whom has a long rap sheet.

It’s not the first time Christians have been attacked by pro-gay activists.

Last August a gunman opened fire inside the headquarters of the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C. Floyd Lee Corkins, Jr. pled guilty to committing an act of terrorism on the pro-family organization.

Corkins shot FRC security guard Leo Johnson – and intended to shoot others – but Johnson was able to disarm the man.

Last year a group called “Angry Queers” caused thousands of dollars in damage to the Portland, Ore. campus of Mars Hill Church. The vandals hurled stones through stain glass windows, LifeSiteNews reported.

The “Angry Queers” sent an e-mail to television station KOIN defending their criminal acts because “Mars Hill is notoriously anti-gay and anti-woman.”

The vandals sent an e-mail to local television station KOIN-TV stating they took the action, because “Mars Hill is notoriously anti-gay and anti-woman.”

And when the new campus of the church opened gay rights protesters shouted profanities at children calling them “homophobes” and telling the boys and girls they were “going to burn in Hell.”

While the shirtless attacker is cuffed and questioned by police, a woman is shown with a stroller, occupied by containers of alcohol, as well as a child:


KTTH radio featured a column on the incident. Here’s some of David Boze’s “Intolerance at the Pride Parade: Where are the hate crime charges?” opinion piece: (H/T TheBlaze)

According to reports, two men face misdemeanorassault charges. It seems to me, others could have easily faced additional charges, but I kept asking myself, what would the headlines look like and what would the charges (or at least the potential charges) be if this were a religious gathering and two gay men offering zero resistance were assaulted and harassed this way? What if this had happened at one of Pastor Ken Hutchinson’s events? Or at a National Organization for Marriage event and a religious crowd had bullied and assaulted gay men for holding signs saying “gay is good” or “Religion is a fraud” AND the men/women doing the assaulting/harassing made continual references to their sexuality before doing so. Do you think hate crime charges might be warranted?

I could be wrong, but if what I’m reading here is correct, those who participated in the destruction of the sign, threatened these men with harm, or physically assault them should be charged under the hate crime statute.

I had one colleague say that these protestors were jerks for being there and that the signs they had or shirts they wore were “fighting words.” That’s nonsense, at least from what we see and hear in the video. If those are fighting words, then ANY disagreement could be so construed. I also heard, “well, they’re at a pride parade so they’re trying to get attention.” Again, so what? That’s what a protest is. People protest where they can highlight their issue, provide contrast, or simply find cameras and people. These guys weren’t disrupting a funeral they were simply expressing their religious beliefs with a sign.

“But a jury in Seattle would agree they deserved it,” my colleague observed.

Maybe so, but if so, Seattle is not the tolerant town it claims to be. What good is it to celebrate tolerance or self-control if you can only stop yourself from attacking someone if you agree with them and their beliefs don’t offend you?

And here’s this in case the YouTube version gets yanked because it shows violent angry gay criminals.

Unbelievable… God Bless. Dean James III% AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS

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