BREAKING: Clinton Murder Case EXPLODES… New Docs PROVE Shocking Cover-Up


One of the biggest controversies surrounding the Clintons is the ‘mysterious’ death of their ‘close friend’ and former law partner of Hillary’s which was deemed a suicide. Now, new documents have emerged that just might blow the lid off the suicide theory.

In 1993 Deputy White House Counsel Vincent Foster was found dead in a Virginia park but newly discovered evidence, unearthed from deep within the National Archives prove that there was a MASSIVE cover-up. Needless to say, this is HUGE!

For many years Foster’s death has been reported as a suicide by A SINGLE GUNSHOT TO THE HEAD. This is FALSE. This is a flat out murder which has been covered up and it’s time to expose the truth.

A two-page resignation letter written by Independent Council Kenneth Starr’s lead prosecutor, Miguel Rodriguez tells a tale of the cover-up that has been hidden- until now.


The official report says Foster died from one .38 caliber gunshot through the throat but in fact, there were TWO gunshots. The other bullet was on the right side of his neck that one of the paramedics described as a ‘small-caliber’ bullet hole.

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In his resignation letter which is dated Jan. 17, 1995, Rodriguez said he was resigning because important evidence in the investigation was being overlooked as a result of “a rush to judgment in favor of suicide and a desire to close the grand jury investigation.”


Rodriguez also explained that after he produced the photographic evidence, as well as statements from witnesses that had been modified to fit the suicide theory, he was targeted by the FBI and was internally investigated and harassed.




Wow. This is the smoking gun folks. Foster was murdered.

America’s Freedom Fighters released this report:

On a Monday night in July 1993, a 48-year-old lawyer called Vince Foster was found dead in a park near Washington DC. He had died from a gunshot wound to the mouth and his father’s .38-caliber revolver, dating from 1913, was at his side. It was the same method of suicide used by a Marine officer in the film A Few Good Men – which Foster was known recently to have watched. In the movie, the officer had killed himself because he was distraught about testifying against his commanding officer. In real life, Vince Foster was distraught at the prospect of being grilled about the shady affairs of Hillary Clinton. A clear case of suicide, then. Or was it? As the months passed, wild rumors began to grow that a ‘hit-man’ had murdered him because he knew too much. Tall and handsome, Vince Foster was one of Hillary’s closest colleagues and best friends.


In Little Rock, Arkansas, they were partners in a law firm while Bill Clinton was governor of the state. And, naturally, when the Clintons moved to the White House, Vince Foster came, too. It was unusual for Hillary to have such a close friendship with a man. Since her school days, she had operated most easily among women; and when it came to appointing her own staff at the White House, she chose 29 women and one man. Her subordinates – who called her “The Big Girl” or later “Big Mama” and wore badges saying “Hillaryland” – had a starry-eyed devotion that was almost cult-like. One of Hillary’s friends said: “They were all afraid to say no to her.” She was overly demanding and would call her staff at home after hours and make them keep working.

The night after the tragedy, White House staff – including Hillary’s Chief of Staff – searched Foster’s office for a suicide note. Under the noses of the police and FBI, they took away a number of sensitive files. Later, it was alleged but never proved that the Clintons had combed through these files during the five days before they were handed over. Other key papers – records for Hillary’s legal work on the failed Arkansas bank – appear to have gone missing, too. Although later the subject of a subpoena, the records were not retrieved for more than two years. Whatever the truth behind all the activity that followed Foster’s death, the appearance of concealment was enough to trigger five separate federal inquiries. There were also three official investigations into Foster’s death, all of which concluded that he had committed suicide.

After Foster’s funeral in Arkansas, Hillary had difficulty getting out of bed for several days. Her friend’s death had “ripped a hole” through her, according to Ann McCoy, a friend from Arkansas. On the day she returned to her office, a torn-up note on yellow paper was found at the bottom of Foster’s briefcase. It was a list of grievances and concerns about life in the White House that he had jotted down in the days before his death. Nussbaum went to Hillary’s office to tell her he’d “found something Vince wrote that may help explain why he did what he did.” Hillary “looked startled,” Nussbaum recalled. She glanced at the note, said “I can’t deal with this,” and abruptly left the room. The contents of Foster’s note were tantalizing. At one point, the man who knew so many of the First Couple’s secrets had written: “The public will never believe the innocence of the Clintons and their loyal staff.” It was a comment that can be interpreted to mean that he believed the Clintons were blameless – or that he was worried about some unspecified information that could destroy Bill and Hillary’s reputation.At the very least, the note revealed just how hard working for Hillary had become. “I was not meant for the job in the spotlight of public life in Washington,” Foster had written. “Here, ruining people is considered sport.”

Again, Vince Foster was murdered and we just showed you the proof.

(h/t WND)


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