Clinton’s Ex Says Bill Cross Dressed, Drops MASSIVE Bombshell Bill Revealed About Hillary… [VID]


Sally Perdue, known as former Miss Arkansas Sally Miller had an affair with Bill Clinton back in 1983, when Clinton was the Governor of Arkansas. 

She is releasing a ‘tell-all’ memoir on the Clintons that reveals some extremely bizarre details.

She says that she would leave her back door ajar so that Bill could slip into her bedroom. She was 44 years old and Clinton was 37 years old at the time.

She says that Clinton used to put on her nightgown and dance around her room, playing his saxophone. Oh for God’s sake, what a freak!

Sally says that Clinton’s lovemaking was largely forgettable but would rarely disappoint when it came to divulging intimate and potentially damaging secrets about his wife, now Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail, she says that her book promises to expose a series of unguarded conversations in which she claims Bill revealed his wife’s preference for female lovers.

As far-fetched as her accusations may appear, she remains convinced that Hillary Clinton is behind a plot to silence her ahead of the November election.

But it will also lay bare what Miller, describes as a decades-long Democrat campaign to discredit and harass her that began when she first revealed the affair in 1992, a campaign she claims has now reached such perverse depths that she actually fears for her life.


The twice-divorced 77-year-old took to social media in recent weeks to post an extraordinary warning that if she dies by ‘suicide’ no-one should believe it.

When Daily Mail Online visited Miller at her Arkansas home she insisted she had been stalked, spied upon and plagued by anonymous phone calls since word of her memoir leaked out.

“She doesn’t care what I say about Bill, that’s old news,” Miller said. “But I think she wonders what Bill told me. I think she wonders how much I know about her that came from Bill.”

“With the election coming up she can’t afford any sort of loose end. She’s the closest thing you can imagine to Al Capone. I don’t think she is going to rest until she puts me to rest,” she said.

And what of those accusations so insulting or damaging that a potential Presidential candidate would unleash her operatives to intimidate or even bump off an elderly lady?

“Hillary is a lesbian,” Miller claims, reigniting a lingering but unsubstantiated rumor that has dogged the former First Lady for years.

Wow! There’s more.

“Let’s just get down to the facts,” she adds. “Firstly, Bill didn’t mind telling me that Hillary doesn’t like sex. I take him at his word and he told me she liked females more than men. She was the child of a more progressive community. She was exposed to all the liberals, she was a flower child,” she said, adding that “Hillary does drugs too, that’s the only time that she would entertain the idea – again, this is what Bill told me.”

That’s all we need. Another drug addicted commie president. No thanks- 8 years of Obama is enough.

The mother-of-two sleeps with a loaded semi-automatic within arm’s reach and rarely leaves home without her four-year-old Australian Shepherd, Cubby Bear.

She says that Bill would sometimes unwind by smoking a marijuana cigarette. Miller claims that she saw Clinton produce a pouch of white powder on several occasions and snort lines off her coffee table.

She decided to post details on social media because she feels she’s safer battling the Clintons out in the open where her ultimately death would provoke too much scrutiny.
“I’m sure I have Facebook friends that are spies and I’m sure the word got out to Hillary,” she said. “I began to get unknown calls on my cell phone – three or four a week – but now it’s almost every day. It’s the same pattern they used in 1992, ’93 and ’94. I’ve watched cars following me down to the park. They are typically trucks or SUVs – all the windows are completely black. I pulled up beside one of them and walked over but he pulled away as soon as I got up close.”

“I’ve been getting calls from 911 saying ‘Ms. Miller, we understand that there’s an emergency and you’re about to commit suicide’. They always say it was a family member or a close friend but they can’t give you the name.”

Miller has yet to find a publisher for her memoir – again, she suspects Democrat meddling — but she insists she will self-publish if need be.

But does she really suspect the woman many believe will be the next President of the United States, a former Secretary of State lauded globally as a female role model, would resort to foul play to stop that happening?

”I think the Clintons are capable of anything. Do I live in fear, no – because I’m armed too, I’m prepared. You have to be when you think perhaps your life is being threatened.”



God Bless.

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God Bless.

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