BREAKING: Clinton’s HITMAN To Tell ALL Tonight On THIS Channel… The “FIXER” Holds NOTHING Back

Clinton’s “Fixer” Tells All On Hannity Tonight

The Journalists Threatened, Photographers Intimidated, The Lives Ruined — Don’t Miss Out

Journalists Implicated: Fox’s Brit Hume, Entertainment Tonight’s Mary Hart, The New York Time’s Maureen Dowd — and many more!


Wikileaks has revealed that a number of journalists are working with or for the Clintons to various extents.  The corruption reaches across all networks and while many are assuming that these reporters did so in order to advance their beliefs or ideas, one must now ask if they did so out of fear.  Perhaps the most surprising name mentioned in the report is Fox’s Brit Hume who just recently replaced Greta Van Susteren in the crucial early prime-time slot. It turns out, that a former employee of the Clintons was allegedly hired to intimidate reporters, like Hume, that were otherwise unwilling to cooperate.  This man would approach the reporters, intimidate them with threats and then offer them compensation as an alternative.  


 Tonight, guilt will have him spilling his guts.

The bottom barrel scandals of the most scandalous politician to ever run shall be revealed on Hannity — if all goes according to plan.  But before that 10pm slot rolls across TV screens nationwide, America’s Freedom Fighters is proud to present a sneak peak!

I purchased the Enquirer over the weekend hoping to give a bit of support to the organization responsible for bringing down John Edwards.  I wasn’t expecting much — maybe something on par with the past Cruz mistresses article from the primary season.  But what I got far exceeded any hopes I might have had.

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The man allegedly responsible for orchestrating numerous Clinton cover-ups had taken meticulous notes in journals and diaries throughout his employment with the Clintons.  While the yet-to-be-named “Mr. Fixer” refused to take compensation for the interviews, he met with the Enquirer countless times over the past two years in order to catalogue every detail with the outlet.

Here are 12 of the juiciest details revealed:

  • Mr. Fix-It had to buy photos of Bill with Markie Post (the blonde actress from “Night Court”) alone in a car. The photographer’s studio was burned down after.
  • On June 3, 1993 – Doreen and Julianne – two women whom Bill had been having affairs with began to think about coming clean.  Mr Fix it handled it.His diary said “Sting. Pay. Cooperate”.  As in, intimidate them into accepting a bribe, give them the bribe, then make sure you have them in a position where they need to cooperate.
  • On July 9, 1993 – the Clintons bribed a reporter with cash for warning about any future bad press.
  • Mr. Fix-It had to “encourage” (read: threaten and harass) a columnist when he was in the process of writing an anti-Clinton piece. The piece became quite positive.
  • 10 days later, he worked with a law firm to launder money for a woman who needed to be paid off. They set her up with a fake position as a TV producer.
  • Roger Clinton was involved with Faye Dunaway while his girlfriend was pregnant – Mr. Fix-It had to shut down the rumors. At the same time, at Roger’s bachelor party Bill “interacted” with prostitutes. There was an audio tape of this. The Enquirer found out and the hooker demanded $150,000 for it. Mr. Fix-It intervened and gave the Enquirer front-row tickets to his wedding in Dallas. Maureen O’Dowd was supposed to get the story but the Enquirer got it instead because of the trade.
  • On June 16, 1993 – the Travelgate scandal erupted – James Carville ordered Mr. Fix-It to “soften up” Brit Hume (on ABC at the time). 7 employees had been fired amid allegations it was done to let friends of the Clintons take over the travel business.
  • Hillary ordered and supervised the looting of incriminating Whitewater documents from Vince Foster’s office following the discovery of his body. Mr. Fix-It had to stall the media. (There are also less credible rumors that Hillary had an affair with Foster).
  • On Sept. 24, 1993, he had to “resolve” (read: silence) rumors of Bill’s affair with Mary Hart (from Entertainment Tonight).
  • An A-list star was talking about an affair with Bill – he hushed it up.
  • Paula Jones accused Bill of propositioning her – he had to bribe 2 reporters for opposition research.
  • One of those reporters called him in early 1996 after a party at Carsey-Werner’s (they created the Cosby Show, Roseanne, etc).  They said a lady was saying she had given oral sex to the president – it was Monica Lewinsky. He received orders from Chief of Staff Harold Ickes and Hillary to “take her down.”


(h/t to the very thorough Reddit user that helped compile the above information)

This article was written by Brett MacDonald. If you enjoyed this story or did not, hate mail can be left in the comments below and the author totally won’t ignore it.  

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