Clinton’s Response To Brussels TERRORIST Attack Proves She CAN’T Be President [VID]


For those of us following the current Muslim invasion into Europe, the deadly terror attack in Brussels, Belgium that killed over two dozen people is to be expected.

Liberals are determined to let these savages into our country, even though the evidence is quite clear that it would be a huge mistake.

Trump has been severely criticized for saying he would close the borders in light of these terrorist attacks:

“Well I think I’ve said it. I would close up our borders until we figure out what is going on,” said Trump.


“Look at Brussels, look at Paris, look at so many cities that were great cities. Paris is almost as bad. Paris is no longer the City of Lights, Paris has a lot of problems. All you have to do is speak to the people who live there where the same thing has happened and they are in fear. The city is in fear.”

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“And we have to be smart in the United States,” Trump said.


He said that in the US we are currently “taking in people without any real documentation.”

Trump said, “We don’t know where they’re from, who they are. They could be ISIS. They could be ISIS related. We just don’t learn.”


“We are allowing thousands and thousands of these people into this country and we’re going to have nothing but problems,” he said.

Trump is right.

Now here is what Hillary Clinton has to say.

“The idea that the terrorists are continuing to strike at the heart of Europe is deeply distressing.”

“We’ve got to stand in solidarity with our European allies as they have stood with us on so many occasions.” she said.

When asked how the US should handle this situation or one similar Clinton advocated a ‘smart and steady’ response.

Clinton was also asked about the effectiveness of closing borders, both in Europe and the United States, to which she replied, “We do have to be realistic about how people move from place to place. It’s unrealistic to say we’re going to completely shut down our borders.” 

These people just refuse to grasp the severity of the situation here. They are so politically correct it is ridiculous.

Trump is right. We need to eradicate ISIS while at the same time keep our borders closed until we get this thing figured out.


God Bless.

(h/t Daily Mail)


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