BREAKING: George Clooney Makes MASSIVE Announcement… He Just PISSED OFF Every Liberal In America!


Last year ultra liberal Hollywood actor George Clooney took slammed Donald Trump at the annual Cannes Film Festival in France and said, “There’s not going to be a President Donald Trump…”

Well George, you were wrong. Trump IS president. So what happened? Why did your beloved Hillary lose the election? You donated a ton of money to her campaign and you were an avid supporter but y’all failed.


Clooney recently spoke out about the devastating loss in an interview with  at the Daily Beast.

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Clooney said that while he thought Clinton was qualified to be the next president, the way she ran her campaign infuriated him.


“She was more qualified than even her husband was when he was elected president, but she’s not as good at communicating things. That’s simply true. When she got up and gave a speech, it didn’t soar. Now, that doesn’t mean that she wouldn’t have done a great job as president, and I supported her because by the time we did the fundraiser the primary was over at that point and it was time to get on with picking someone to move forward, and she was the right person to side with,” Clooney said.

“It was frustrating because I never saw her elevate her game. I never saw it. And I had a lot of liberal friends who were like, “She’s not good at this.” And I see that, and I understand it. I also think, though, that if it was a guy it wouldn’t have been so polarizing. I think the fact that she’s a woman made it a much harder uphill battle.”


“I think that she wasn’t particularly good at articulating the things that she wanted to do, and unfortunately we live at a time right now where articulating what you want to do is more potent in the electorate than the other way around, obviously, when Trump only said he was going to “Make America Great Again.” Don’t you think the next Democrat who runs should just run with a blue hat that says, “Make America Great Again?”

Fox News reports that Clooney and his wife, human rights lawyer Amal Clooney, hosted a fundraiser for Clinton during her presidential campaign where tickets fetched from $33,400 to $353,400. Supporters of her primary challenger, Sen. Bernie Sanders, showed up to protest the event.

He later acknowledged on NBC’s Meet the Press that the ticket prices were “obscene.”

“I think, you know, that we had some protesters last night when we pulled up in San Francisco and they’re right to protest,” he said during the interview. “They’re absolutely right. It is an obscene amount of money.”

AFF reported that George and Amal Clooney recently donated $1 million dollars to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) in an effort to what they have deemed the necessary effort to fight hate groups in the wake of the events of Charlottesville.

SPLC is considered a civil rights group and claims to monitor hate groups while launching campaigns against bigotry.  The problem is SPLC turns a blind eye to nearly all leftist groups that have been linked to hate-fueling activities and violence.  The group is linked heavily to identity politicals, plays favorites, and wages smear campaigns against those that differ ideologically from the group’s radical leftist views.

The group has now partnered with the Clooney Foundation for Justice – a social justice organization run by George and Amal in an effort to highlight the dangers of white supremacy all while blatantly ignoring the dangerous and festering ideologies of hatred and violence rising up from the likes of Antifa and Black Lives Matter. The Clooney Foundation for Justice, established in 2016 claims “to advance justice in courtrooms, classrooms, and communities” around the world.

George Clooney perpetuates the myth that only white people can be racist, saying in a statement –

“Amal and I wanted to add our voice (and financial assistance) to the ongoing fight for equality. There are no two sides to bigotry and hate.

We are proud to support the Southern Poverty Law Center in its efforts to prevent violent extremism in the United States. What happened in Charlottesville, and what is happening in communities across our country, demands our collective engagement to stand up to hate.”

His comments were an allusion to President Trump’s condemnation of the violence that stemmed from both sides in Charlottesville when white supremacists and KKK faced off with Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and other alt-left hate groups. The left with the help of the Mainstream Media has spent the last week and change raking President Trump over the coals for daring to attempt to hold both groups accountable the same standard for their actions.

Since Charlottesville, the center also has received major donations from Apple and from JPMorgan Chase, whose leaders — Tim Cook at Apple and Jamie Dimon at JPMorgan Chase — both took the stance with blinders against holding alt-left hate groups accountable for their actions, instead choosing to speak out on the need for America’s leading business and cultural institutions to take stands against white supremacy.

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