BREAKING: One Of America’s FAVORITE Clothing Companies To Close Down Because Of DEATH THREATS From…


One of the leading clothing brands in America, Columbia Sportswear, might be hightailing it out of the downtown Portland area due to numerous encounters with the city’s homeless population involving car break-ins, threats to employees, and human waste deposited near the office’s front door.

Sounds rather unpleasant, doesn’t it? Well, it turns out Columbia Sportswear isn’t the only business in the area to suffer at the hands of the homeless, but they are the latest, and it’s not looking good for them to stick around.


According to Fox News, things have gotten so bad that the company’s CEO Tim Boyle penned an op-ed published in The Oregonian, lamenting his decision to open up a headquarters for Sorel Footwear — a brand owned by Columbia Sportswear — in the down town area, calling the current condition of things “outrageous and unacceptable.”

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“In fact, I am so concerned about the safety of our employees at the Sorel headquarters that we are taking the next 90 days to re-evaluate our location decision,” writes Boyle.


Ever since the company opened up their offices downtown, many of the 50 employees who work at the location have reported being threatened and harassed by homeless people in the area.

“A few days ago, one of our employees had to run into traffic when a stranger outside our office followed her and threatened to kill her,” Boyle continued. “On other occasions our employees have arrived at work only to be menaced by individuals camping in the doorway.”


“Given these experiences, it is a relief when the only thing we are dealing with is the garbage and human waste by our front door. Think about that for a minute,” he wrote.

Many other businesses, like Judith Arnell Jewelers, decided to close up locations in the downtown Portland area due to this very problem as these incidents caused major concern for the safety of employees working in the area.

The real question to ask is what has caused such an uptick in homelessness in this area to begin with? There’s little doubt that since it’s a liberal city, progressive, big government policies are at the root of this issue.

Notice how all of the welfare programs in existence still weren’t enough to end the issue of homelessness? That’s because government is never the solution to any real problem faced by our society.

The real solution comes from liberty and the free market, a loosening up of regulations so the number of job opportunities available increases and are made open to those who need them the most.

Obnoxious behavior and threats like this are also why the police exist. You know, those individuals who risk their lives each and every day to keep us safe from junk just like this, yet get constant hate from the left?

Let’s hope Portland starts taking real action to protect its citizens before it loses more businesses and more good people find themselves out of work.



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