BREAKING NEWS Out Of CNN… Look What Anderson Cooper Was Caught Doing!!!!!


It’s really not a great time to be CNN or anyone who works for the network as their vendetta against President Trump continues to provide more and more opportunities for these folks to embarrass themselves.

According to Fox News, the network, which Trump not-so-affectionately refers to as “fake news” was the butt of jokes and mockery Wednesday after they attempted to blame an insulting tweet against the president sent from anchor Anderson Cooper’s account on a gym locker room thief.


Lamest excuse ever, right?

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The tweet called Trump a “pathetic loser” and a “tool.”

More details from Fox:


In a statement, CNN claimed the tweet in question was sent from a phone belonging to Cooper’s assistant in New York while Cooper himself was in Washington D.C.


“[Cooper’s] assistant inadvertently left his phone unlocked and unattended at the gym early this morning,” the statement said, “and someone took the phone and sent the Tweet.”

CNN added that Cooper’s assistant has worked with him “for more than a decade” and is “the only other person with access to Anderson’s Twitter account.”

The network’s convoluted explanation led to incredulity and ridicule on social media. BuzzFeed reporter Chris Geidner, who like Cooper is gay, tweeted in response, “I have never met a gay man who has left his phone unlocked and unattended at the gym, but OK.”

CNN later reported that they were “working with Twitter” to secure Cooper’s account and make sure no one else could get into it, but at this point, the damage was done. The network never disclosed whether Twitter was looking into the identity of the individual who managed to get into his account.

Strangely, when Fox News reached out to the social media giant to request additional information on the incident, their questions were ignored and a referral to CNN’s communications team was given.

The reason for the initial tweet was a response to President Trump attempt to explain why Roy Moore lost his senate race in Alabama. The blatant disrespect in the tone of the tweet is somewhat jarring, given the fact that Cooper is known for remaining pretty middle-of-the-road and not allowing his dander to get up too much.

This is what caught everyone’s eye with the tweet, as Cooper has a reputation for being “bipartisan.” Well, as bipartisan as anyone on CNN likely can be.

Trump and CNN have been feuding back and forth for months on end with a number of exchanges between the president and various reporters and anchors at the network.

Other members of Trump’s administration, such as Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, also have to deal with the idiocy of CNN’s anti-Trump agenda push.

Earlier this week, CNN Senior White House Correspondent Jim Acosta made an attempt to take over a press briefing, but Sanders shot him down hard.

What CNN doesn’t seem to understand is that their venomous anti-Trump nonsense is actually having the opposite effect of what they’re going for.

Rather than taking down Trump, it’s only making him appear stronger, more in the right. It’s strengthening the resistance against liberal bias in the media and shrinking their viewership and credibility.

This isn’t how you stop a political opponent. It’s how you guarantee his victory.



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