VIDEO: CNN Runs SICK Video of Attempted ASSASSINATION While Talking About Trump


Donald Trump was a media darling throughout his professional life. All of that changed when he announced his candidacy to run for president against Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential Election.  All through his candidacy President-elect Trump has fought against the mainstream media and their attempts to demonize and destroy his attempts to defeat Hillary.  It ultimately backfired and the media received one helluva a black eye as a result, and the public putting them on notice.  It seems that was a lesson the mainstream media didn’t take to heart even a little bit.  Something they should have learned is that the public isn’t too keen on being misled or talked down to. In fact, it would seem that leftist news outlets have taken another route in their attempt to deceive the public.  The end result is disgusting and screams of desperation.


Case in point: On Tuesday, CNN’s Don Lemon was throwing a hissy fit over the media’s manufactured sandal of Trump ditching the media and meeting his family for dinner. It was an outrage that gained momentum after “Reliable Sources” host Brian Stelter bemoaned the notion of Trump leaving the media out of his plans. So not allowing the Press to hound you after they have spent months picking apart minutiae and attempting to skew public opinion NOW it’s a lack of transparency if you aren’t invited to the family steak dinner?? Did you honestly expect to be? Go home MSM! You’re drunk!

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CNN’s Don Lemon just showed footage of the Reagan assassination attempt for about 20 seconds for no apparent reason.  It seems Lemon and CNN are trying their level best to plant ideas in the minds of the audience in an effort to provoke an attempt?  This is not only extremely distasteful, even for CNN, but seriously poor judgment.


Lemon and others on a so-called “panel” continue to discuss how if Trump continues to ditch the media, there will be no one around to obtain footage of some supposed, random assassination attempt.  Does CNN know something the rest of us don’t?  Are they planning a hit?  Why should someone attempt to assassinate him or make it a point of discussion?  CNN even continued to play the video of the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan while these liberal leftist hack journalists continued their bellyaching about being left out and not invited to the Trump family dinner.

Apparently, the mainstream media think they can take it upon themselves to plant ideas in the minds of its vulnerable liberal viewers who are still reeling from Hillary Clinton’s devastating loss. Those that aren’t rioting yet may still be hiding in their safe spaces with their blanket and binky. With an ongoing conversation being had with regard to the Trump transition and how that is going WHY on earth would it be necessary to show a former president being shot? It is completely irresponsible for a news outlet that wishes to be taken seriously to suggest an assassination on anyone. Anyone who dares to propose that this wasn’t an attempt to suggest assassination isn’t thinking clearly because CNN could have made their case without making a reference to, or showing the footage of the attempted assassination of a former president.

Maybe they want to trigger a psychotic response from some mentally unstable leftist loon? It’s not even remotely subliminal attempt at the message either! It’s just BOOM, right at ya! I’m just shaking my head, thinking REALLY?  Trump already has enough people threatening to kill him — they don’t need to be influenced by so-called news channels. The mainstream media and CNN especially have ruined their credibility with the public. In my opinion, this clip shows how they have chosen to retreat into their own fictitious bubble of alternate reality.  Instead of truth and facts, they make up dangerous scenarios while claiming to report the “news.”
h/t – the Gateway Pundit

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