Fake news network CNN is about to be in a world of serious hurt.

The network, also known as the “Clinton News Network,” or the “Clinton Narrative Network,” has been peddling in fake news and conspiracies for so long that it’s considered the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party. Because of this, the network literally has worse ratings than reruns of “Full House,” and it can’t even make it into the top 20 out of all cable news networks when it comes to total viewers.

Because of this, it would have pretty much an impossible time standing on its own if its parent company, Time Warner, didn’t require people to purchase it as a larger part of their programming packages. But it looks like that’s exactly what’s about to happen.


According to a report from POLITICO, the Justice Department is looking at the proposed merger between Time Warner and AT&T, and in order to let the deal go through, the DoJ wants Time Warner to dump CNN completely. If this ends up happening, it could mean the end of the fake news network for good.

Imagine that?


The Justice Department is pushing AT&T and Time Warner to offload unspecified parts of their companies to win the government’s approval of their $85 billion merger, according to sources familiar with the discussions.


DOJ has not said what “structural remedies” it expects the companies to make, the sources said, though the request is being interpreted as pressure to sell off Time Warner-owned CNN, a frequent target of President Donald Trump’s anger.

Of course, the President’s critics immediately jumped on the move as being political. Twitter almost instantaneously lit up once news of the DoJ’s demands broke.


However, President Trump has been critical of the merger since before he ever took office. On the campaign trail, he warned that “Deals like this destroy democracy,” according a report from CNN at the time.

“As an example of the power structure I’m fighting, AT&T is buying Time Warner and thus CNN, a deal we will not approve in my administration because it’s too much concentration of power in the hands of too few,” Trump said on Oct. 22, 2016.

The President went further at the time, blasting a deal made between Comcast and NBCUniversal, which he said “concentrates far too much power in one massive entity that is trying to tell the voters what to think and what to do.”

On the campaign trail, he also promised to “break up” the deal between NBC and Comcast.

“We’ll look at breaking that deal up, and other deals like that. This should never, ever have been approved in the first place,” he said.

So while the left will undoubtedly try to frame this as a political move by the President, the truth of the matter is that his administration is following through on yet another campaign promise, which is likely their largest issue.

After all, the same people critical of the Justice Department’s actions now, opposed the AT&T/Time Warner merger just two months ago.

If anyone’s playing politics here, it’s the President’s critics.

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