CNN Hack Don Lemon Just Got TORCHED [VID]


The democrats use CNN for their puppet show liberal garbage and Don Lemon is one of their clowns that literally puts zero thought into what ludicrous propaganda he is pushing.

Lemon’s “go-to” is always racism, doesn’t matter what the topic is, he always does as he is told and pushes racism.

Now, Lemon made one of the most ridiculous statement I’ve ever heard.

While appearing on ultra liberal scumbag Stephen Colbert’s late-night show, Lemon actually claimed that CNN was “NEVER LIBERAL.”

Lemon touted the network for its continued “good journalism.”


What a freaking liberal MORON!!! ?

Never Liberal

Anthony Smith at GOP Newsfeed has more:

Colbert is a left-wing propogandist, period.

He bring on all the Dems, gushes over them, and lets them say whatever they want unchallenged.

He hangs out with Chuck Schumer for God’s sake!

And for some reason, he was invited to the State Dinner at the White House with French President Macron.

Hannity or Greg Kelley weren’t invited but I’m thinking they would have passed on the invite.


He also lets his fellow liberal journalists say what they want.

Well, the crew on “Outnumbered” just lit him up…

FOX News has more:

“They’re both such hacks,” FOX Business’ Kennedy said in response to the interview.

“They think that they can spoon-feed you information, and you will consume it because you’re dumb, and you are lesser,” she explained.

Kennedy suggested that hosts like Lemon and Colbert think they’re smarter than their viewers, which is why they make these kinds of claims.

She called Lemon’s response weak and called on him to own up to the narrative that was pushed under previous leadership.

“Outnumbered” co-host Harris Faulkner suggested that Lemon was possibly hoping his viewers wouldn’t remember any instances of a left-leaning bias on his show.

“I think sometimes what people are counting on is that others are not paying attention,” Faulkner said.

Carley Shimkus, co-host of “Fox & Friends First,” said Lemon’s answer was an example of “gaslighting” and echoed Kennedy’s call for the network to stand by its liberal narrative.

“Just own who you are,” she said.

Shimkus said Lemon’s answer itself proved the network’s bias, as he only offered to invite “sensible” Republicans on for political discussions.

Co-host Emily Compagno called the interaction “the elitist media at its finest.”

“That’s why millions of Americans feel absolutely lesser than,” Compagno said. “It is why they absolutely despise that left-leaning mainstream media that not only categorically feels that they’re better than they are, but then denies it.”

She also criticized Lemon for his “weak” answer, which she noted was full of lies.

“That’s the elitist liberal machine at its most potent,” Compagno said.


Look, liberals are complete idiots.

I can’t stand them and will never hang out with them because they are brainwashed fools that think Biden is great, America is doing great and a ton of other garbage that is insane.

Anyways, let us know what you think about this in the comments section below.

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God Bless.

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