CNN Host FREAKS When Interview About Hillary With Conservative Guest Goes OFF THE RAILS

Conservative news anchor Steve Malzberg recently appeared on CNN to discuss the 2016 presidential election, and things didn’t exactly go as planned. Host Carol Costello ended up freaking out after the interview went completely off the rails.

Although while she saw it as going off of the rails, the rest of us see it as Malzberg exposing the damning truth about Hillary Clinton and her philandering husband, Slick Willy.

Malzberg, an avid Donald Trump supporter, and Costello were discussing the possible lines of attack Donald Trump could use in the general election, and Costello couldn’t handle hearing that her beloved Hillary is actually caught on tape bragging about getting a rapist pedophile off the hook.


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Costello, when presented with factual information, chose to end the interview altogether rather than discuss the issue at hand. Malzberg even tried to press her on it, and she quickly interrupted and said “I’m going to leave it there, Goodbye. Thanks for joining me.”


Isn’t that something? If there’s any wonder how Hillary is still able to have so much support, the answer is right there – she has the lying liberal media in her corner covering for her. Just like in 2008, when then-candidate Obama was able to avoid every single line of hard questioning, Hillary is going to be given a pass on her past transgressions, which will all but secure her a victory since we know these activists in media are going to be relentless with whoever runs on the GOP side.

That’s why we need a candidate who isn’t going to cower to the liberal press, and will instead stand up and call Clinton out on the numerous skeletons in her closet. If they don’t, they’ll be taken out faster than a member of ISIS with a Reaper drone locked on their position.


God Bless.

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