CNN: ObamaCare Is ‘On Life Support’ Because It’s So Unpopular!


It would appear that President Obama no longer has a friend in CNN’s John King.

These must be tough days for the President. He’s accustomed to the lamestream media acting as an echo chamber for his talking points. Those days are slowly, but surely, fading away.

CNN’s John King did something that’s fairly unusual for a member of the liberal media yesterday. He told the truth. He noted that the ObamaCare poll numbers show that a majority of Americans (53%) disapprove of the law. Only 41% support it.

Keep in mind, that’s with the President delaying certain provisions in ObamaCare. Imagine how unpopular ObamaCare would be if the all of the mandates were enforced according to the letter of the law.

It’s this simple: If only the popular provisions of the law are being enforced, and it’s still this unpopular overall, then clearly there is a political problem with it.

That’s why John King threw out the comment that ObamaCare is “on life support” thanks to its sucky poll numbers. That’s quite a statement from someone who works for CNN.

We’re happy to hear it.

Have a look at the video below.



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