BREAKING: CNN Made SICK Move Against Trump After Campaign Tried To Buy Pro-Trump Ad Space

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CNN and President Trump have been at war for some time, but the tensions reached fever pitch after the President’s campaign tried to buy air space to run a pro-Trump ad.

According to the Daily Caller, President Trump’s campaign attempted to purchase ad time for his new 30-second spot promoting his achievements in office while also slamming his “enemies” for getting in the way of his agenda. However, CNN apparently refused to sell them the spots, which is their choice, but shows just how biased the fake news network has become.

From the Caller:

President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign claimed Tuesday that CNN is blocking the purchase of ad space for a commercial that touts Trump’s accomplishments and attacks the press.

This is the second time in 2017 the Trump campaign has run into issues with networks refusing to run commercials. In May, the campaign claimed that several channels refused to run an ad that overlaid “fake news” on the faces of broadcasters.

The Trump campaign in its statement Tuesday said that by blocking the new ad, CNN is “censoring the message to the American people that ‘President Trump’s plan is working.’”

“Today, CNN provided further proof that the network earns this mistrust every day by censoring President Trump’s message to the American people by blocking our paid campaign ad,” Michael S. Glassner, executive director of Donald J. Trump for President, Inc, said in a statement. “Clearly, the only viewpoint CNN allows on air is CNN’s.”


For those who haven’t seen it, the ad is below:

We’re truly at a low point in American politics if news networks are refusing to allow the President of the United States to buy time to run ads in their favor. Not only is the hypocrisy astounding – they’d never do this to Obama – but it shows that as the President once stated, the media is, in fact, the enemy of We, the People.

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