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In the wake of yet ANOTHER attack on American citizens on American soil by yet ANOTHER radical Muslim refugee, we are STILL being told not to jump to conclusions.  I’m sorry but when someone says “Somali refugee” to you, peace, love, and light are not generally what comes to mind.

It’s amazing to me that over and over and over again we take in Somali refugees on our dime – the American taxpayer.  We are not asked and our opinions are not considered.  The Obama regime just says, “TOUGH! They are coming.  You are paying for it!  Suck it up!”  We are told not to judge this population too harshly, yet it seems wherever this particular population goes they refuse to assimilate into American society.  They wreck havoc.  I only have to look to Shelbyville, Tennessee for example.

Shelbyville is roughly an hour from Nashville where I am and there is an ENORMOUS culture clash that has occurred there due to the influx of Somali refugees. According to Shelbyville residents, the Somalis are described as rude, inconsiderate, and demanding. They refuse to deal with female salespeople, demanding a male accommodate them in stores.  There are problems in schools with students refusing to speak to female administrators or even pay them the barest of respect. The same has occurred with law enforcement. Shelbyville is home to about 17,000 people. The town’s Somali population is estimated to be at around 1,500 – to 2,000 currently.

Now I ask you, I am to ignore everything I see happening right in front of my eyes?  I’m not sure why I should be showing empathy to someone that hated Americans so much he chose to mow them down with his car and attack others with a knife before being gunned down by a police officer in an effort to save more bloodshed.  But apparently, that’s JUST what CNN expects.

CNN news anchor Alisyn Camerota goes on camera suggesting a “movement” where American women all wear a hijab in solidarity. Solidarity with what?  A movement to kill Americans? Solidarity in the death of freedom?

Uh, why not also go further in the Islamic traditions and have women not drive in solidarity and not sit on the same table as men in solidarity! I don’t think so!  I am American with all the freedoms that entails.  I won’t be giving that up without a fight for some backward culture they are FLEEING! When you flee your country because of issues, don’t come here and try to turn THIS country into the same crap that you left behind!  which makes perfect sense that CNN would advocate it since they are a backward news network.

I suppose it makes perfect sense that CNN would advocate it since they are a backward news network reporting FAKE news. They never cease to amaze in the crazy they are willing to dish out in the name of political correctness and so-called tolerance.

God Bless.



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