After Extensive Coverage Of Protests, CNN Lets a Truth Bomb Slip On Who ‘Promoted’ Them On LIVE TV


Many on the left have been throwing temper tantrums after Donald Trump won the presidential election in a landslide, and CNN has been right there to cover almost all of the protests. But they let it slip on live air who’s really the driving force behind them.

This great experiment called a Constitutional Republic just saved itself from ruin thanks to our democratically held elections – elections I which the left was all about until Tuesday – and the people spoke about the direction they want the country to go. However, our counterparts on the left have proven over the last few days that they only like democracy when things turn out the way they want them to, otherwise to hell with democracy because they didn’t win.


Oddly enough, the same media that told us Trump didn’t stand a chance at winning the election is the same media that told us Trump and his supporters were the violent extremists the nation had to look out for because they’d take to the streets if Trump didn’t win. Well, the media was wrong when they said Trump wouldn’t win and they got it wrong again when they said we didn’t have to worry about liberals protesting the election results.

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The only problem is now they’re embracing the protests rather than admonishing them as they would do if it were Trump’s supporters in the streets. In fact, CNN let it slip that the protests, while genuine in their outrage, are actually astroturf from a socialist group that hates everything.


More from IJR:

Wednesday night, CNN heavily covered the stories of people across America protesting the presidential election results. The impression left on many viewers was that the protests were spontaneous and organic.


But in between interviewing protesters about their beefs, CNN reporter Jean Casarez dropped a truth bomb:

“This was promoted by Socialist Advantage and one of the things they said the purpose of this rally was for was, was to not only protest the election of Donald Trump the 45th president of the United States but also to protest that the Democratic party had let them down.”

And it turns out the real group ‘promoting’ the protests was really called “Socialist Alternative.”

And it’s the name of the social media presence for the Socialist Party.

The Socialist Party and its offshoots have been linked to both Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter.



While it hasn’t been proven yet, you can also rest assured that it’s George Soros’ money that’s backing the rioters as well. In fact, in Austin, Texas, residents noticed a steady stream of tour buses filled with protesters rolling into town and snapped some pictures, and odds are the Hungarian billionaire bankrolled the operation considering how expensive it had to be and it’s highly unlikely a socialist group could afford something like it on their own.

Isn’t that something?

Regardless, while there is some genuine emotion in the unrest we’re seeing, it appears as if it’s being coordinated by evil forces behind the scenes intent on disrupting our country. With any kind of luck, a President Trump will order the Justice Department to investigate who’s behind it then make indictments accordingly.

After all, what they’re doing amounts to terrorism, so they definitely need to be held accountable.

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