BREAKING: After CNN Airs FAKE Michael Brown Video- Something TERRIFYING Happens In FERGUSON


Once again, CNN is pushing ‘very fake news’ and this time their actions, for the sake of pushing their messiah’s (Obama) agenda has resulted in more protests, gunfire, violence and anti-police sentiment. Hell, these animals stuffed rags in the gas tanks of cop cars in an effort to blow up officers. 

The Conservative Treehouse reports that CNN is promoting a highly charged false claim about new, heavily edited CCTV footage from the Ferguson Liquor Market on the night before Mike Brown was shot and killed.


CNN is promoting this fake documentary, “Stranger Fruit“,  that uses heavily edited footage of an earlier Mike Brown visit to the store.  According to the documentary Mike Brown was exchanging marijuana for store product at 1:13am the night (early morning) prior to his return and strong arm robbery of the same store.  The footage is edited to give the appearance of store employees accepting weed as barter for product.  This is false.

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Secondarily, the producer of the video, Jason Pollock, is claiming the police never released the earlier in the day CCTV footage and instead tried to hide it.  Again, this is false.  Both the Grand Jury and the FBI were given -and reviewed- all of the CCTV footage including footage from the 1:13am visit.   However, CNN is promoting the falsehoods by the documentary producers in an effort to stir trouble.



The problem is that CNN’s fake news fuels the anger of the left- I believe that is their goal.


Check it out.

Gunshots erupted as protesters picketed a Ferguson convenience store visited by cop shooting victim Michael Brown before his death.

Word of the new CNN video drew a group of protesters that grew to about 100 Sunday night. Eventually the market closed, and police cleared the parking lot.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that shortly before midnight, 7 or 8 shots were heard from an area across the street from the market. There appeared to be no injuries.

Henry L. Stokes, 45, of the 1500 block of Haviland Drive of Bellefontaine Neighbors, was charged with felony counts of attempting to cause catastrophe and resisting arrest. Bail was set at $25,000.

During the protest, police say Stokes stuffed a napkin in the gas tank opening of a St. Louis County police car and tried to ignite it with a cigarette lighter.

A Ferguson police officer suffered a broken nose when a woman punched him in the face as he tried to make an arrest, police said.

Chief Delrish Moss said the officer was trying to arrest a man on the parking lot around 10 p.m. when he was injured.

Via Federalist Papers:

Though damage was “minor”, this could certainly have escalated quickly, to disastrous proportions.

All because CNN chooses not to check facts and instead go with the juiciest story. FOR SHAME.

Furthermore, what I don’t get is HOW Michael Brown visiting the market to deal drugs (before he assaults and robs store workers later) does anything to prove his innocence.

Even if store owners had accepted a barter transaction, how does this clear Brown’s name?


Not only does this story not prove his innocence, it only incites emotional and passionate responses from Ferguson protesters.

Is it worth it, CNN? To promote false news and put police officers’ lives in danger?

Are ratings that bad? Or is this your form of entertainment?

Tsk, tsk.

Crazy, right?

Well you haven’t seen nothing yet.

America’s Freedom Fighters will be releasing a BOMBSHELL report that is going to blow this CNN documentary to pieces.

Stay tuned.

God Bless. 

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