WASHINGTON — The commandant of the Coast Guard said Tuesday that he would continue to support transgender troops under his command, despite President Trump saying the government would not accept or allow transgender individuals to serve in the military.

After the announcement all hell broke loose. 


The commandant, Adm. Paul F. Zukunft, said his office had reached out to the 13 Coast Guard members who self-identify as transgender after seeing the president’s tweets, NY Times reports.

“That is the commitment to our people right now,” Admiral Zukunft said. “Very small numbers, but all of them are doing meaningful Coast Guard work today.”

He made the comment during an address at the Center for Strategic and International Studies here on Tuesday morning. The admiral’s speech was first reported by The Hill, a newspaper serving Congress.

Adm. Paul Zukunft said his first call after hearing of the ban last week was to one of 13 Coast Guardsmen who have come out as transgender under the Pentagon’s year-old policy of open service, The Washington Examiner reported.


“We have made an investment in you and you have made an investment in the Coast Guard and I will not break faith,” Zukunft said, recounting the conversation during a talk at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. “And so, that is the commitment to our people right now.”

In the wake of Trump’s announcement, the admiral said his second call about the transgender ban was to retired Gen. John Kelly, then the director of Homeland Security, and then Kelly contacted Defense Secretary Jim Mattis.

The Coast Guard then set up a “tiger team” of legal expert officers from the Judge Advocate General’s Corps to deal with the situation.

In a three-part tweet, Trump wrote, “After consultation with my Generals and military experts, please be advised that the United States Government will not accept or allow Transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military.

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Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail. Thank you.”


In a piece published by The Daily Signal, a man named Walt Heyer wrote, “I think he made the right decision—and as someone who lived as trans-female for several years, I should know.”

“When I discovered Congress voted earlier this month to not block funding for transgender-related hormone therapies and sex change surgeries, I wondered if it considered how devastating this will be to the fitness, readiness, and morale of our combat-ready troops,” Heyer continued.

“Paying for transition-related surgeries for military service members and their families is beyond comprehensible,” he added.

“Perhaps they have forgotten that our military was forged to be the world’s strongest fighting force, not a government-funded, politically correct, medical sex change clinic for people with gender dysphoria.”

“Gender dysphoria, the common diagnosis for one who feels at odds with his or her birth gender, develops from prolonged anxiety and depression. People are not born that way.”

“The “proof” for a diagnosis of gender dysphoria is having strongly held feelings—but feelings can and often do change over time.”

“The military is expected to prepare its members in warfare: to kill, destroy, and break our enemies. The most important factors in preparing a strong military are not hormone therapy, surgical sex changes, or politically correct education.”

“We need psychologically fit, emotionally sound, highly trained troops to protect our nation from its enemies.”

“While countless homeless vets are currently sleeping under cardboard boxes, or waiting for life-saving care from the Department of Veterans Affairs, we learn that transgender military recruits now qualify for preferential coverage for sex change procedures that are scientifically unproven and extremely costly.”

A ban on transgender troops would reverse the gradual transformation of the military under President Barack Obama, whose administration announced last year that transgender people could serve openly in the military. Mr. Obama’s defense secretary, Ashton B. Carter, also opened all combat roles to women and appointed the first openly gay Army secretary.

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God Bless.


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