ALERT: SECRET 3-Digit Code On Egg Cartons NOT What You Think, Here’s What EVERYONE Should Know

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Everyone’s come across eggs that have soft yolks and runny whites, and a secret code found on the outside of their cartons could prevent you from ever having to deal with either again.

A story published by Fresh Eggs Daily revealed that there’s three digits on egg cartons that tell a lot more about the product you’re about to buy than when its “best if used by” dates. In fact, it tells you exactly when the eggs were packaged, giving you the best possible information as to just how fresh the eggs are.

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According to the website, the numbers go from one to 365, and they represent the day of the year that the eggs were packaged for shipping. For example, you might purchase eggs on January 10 and have a carton with the number 340 on it, which would mean the eggs you’re buying are actually at a minimum 35 days old.


Apparently, egg farmers have maximum 30 days from the day they harvest the egg until it’s packaged, then another 30 days to actually sell them, the website said.

“A few weeks ago I mentioned how the average grocery store egg might be 45 days old (or more) by the time you buy it. A few people asked for proof (beyond the LAW which states that a farmer has 30 days to carton and egg and then another 30 days to sell that egg after it’s been cartoned),” the site wrote in a follow-up Facebook post.

“So today (1/19) I was shopping and snapped a few photos of some egg cartons. EVERY date I saw on them was between 352-355, meaning that those eggs were put in that carton on the 352nd-355th day of last year. Add to that the 19 days so far this year, and these eggs have all been in the carton for about a month (and could have been laid up to 30 days prior to that) and check out the Sell by dates – these eggs can still sit on the shelf for a few more weeks.”

“Just be aware of the food you’re buying. Know how to read labels. And keep raising those backyard chickens! I’ll take a 45 MINUTE old egg from a happy hen any day over a 45 DAY old egg!”


The website explained that the eggs are still absolutely fine to eat; however, older eggs don’t taste nearly as good as the fresher eggs you may buy. After a while, the yolks soften up and the whites become runny, making them less desirable for anyone who loves a good egg or two for breakfast.

So now you know that all you have to do is check the code on the side of the carton and you’ll know almost exactly how old the eggs are that you’re about to purchase.

Pretty cool, right?

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[H/T: America Now]

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