RED ALERT: College In This State Just CAVED To Islam


As the battle for free-speech rages on the University of California at Berkeley with the continued boycott of conservative voices which led to the “Battle of Berkeley” where so-called anti-fascists claimed to hate fascism so much they got protesting fascism confused with practicing it and attacked Trump supporters in the streets.

Now a new battle rages in Berkeley – around five hundred students and scholars attended this weekend’s 8th annual Islamaphobia conference entitled – “Islamophobia & The End of Liberalism?”


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The conference poster shows a righteously concerned Statue of Liberty embracing a young Muslim woman in a hijab as if to protect her from the xenophobic natives. Of course, making the very clear implication was that Western tradition should require open borders and that Muslims as people are threatened by fellow Americans rather than the reverse.


The very concept of “Islamophobia” was created as a political device to demonize critics of Islamic supremacism as sort of political correctness to silence opposition. At UC Berkeley, the fundamental question was whether “Islamophobia” represents a betrayal of the tradition of Enlightenment liberalism or its imperial, racist fulfillment. This conference was organized by Hatem Bazian, director of the University’s Islamophobia Research & Documentation Project (IRDP), who blasted what he called “Trumpism.”

It seems that there wasn’t much unity amongst the groups as to anything other than that they hated white people and Western culture – Thus, concerns over terrorism or Sharia law are reduced to attempts to control, formalize, and channel Western Muslim identities into alienating, indoctrinating, and inauthentic white liberal molds. For example –


University of Denver’s Nader Hashemi gave a speech entitled “Liberal Islamophobia,” where he spoke about Hillary Clinton and called her out for being anti-Muslim.  His reasoning? Because she claimed that moderate Muslims were the best tool against “violent extremism” and in doing so she reduced the American Muslim community to a foreign policy tool of the US government.

Raja Abdulhaq, a graduate student in international affairs at Brooklyn College, believes that the goal of white Western liberals is merely to transform Muslims into “carbon copies” of themselves. Meanwhile, Long Island University philosopher Shaireen Rasheed maintained that the so-called “Western gaze” reduces Islam to a thing in need of reform, according to the standards of white Western cultural hegemony. The “western gaze” is the reason Muslims claim to need to veil their women, female circumcision, and many other reasons.

If one is to believe this conference, the problem is people oppressed under the weight of voracious white, Western, racist, colonialist, imperialist aggression, not terrorism or the spread of Islamic supremacism throughout Europe and America.  They simply accuse these people of “Islamophobia.”

In other words, the real problem is not Islamic extremism and radical teachings, but Americans, Donald Trump, western ideas, and white people.

Yeah, that’s exactly it!!! People are being killed, attacked, raped, women and girls can’t even go out in public safely in some places…but they are Islamaphobic — SURE!!

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