College Libs PANIC When They See KKK Member on Campus… Then ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE


Oh for God’s sake people if this doesn’t prove how pathetic and pussified our liberal college students are then nothing will.

We all know that these libs are terrified of chalk.

We know that they need safe spaces. Lol.


It’s as if they are kindergartners, not the future adults of America!

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On Monday, students at Indiana University Bloomington freaked out about a man in a ‘white robe’ carrying a weapon and frantically posted their alarm on social media.


The little liberal babies thought it was a KKK member invading their safe place. Boy were they ever mistaken!



Sanchez… Is that Italian? What an idiot.

By now the students are on high alert and of course are complaining:


Ethan Gill, the residential hall adviser was quick to send a message to his students, warning them of the terrorist “threat” on campus:

“There has been a person reported walking around campus in a KKK outfit holding a whip. Because the person is protected under first amendment rights, IUPD cannot remove this person from campus unless an act of violence is committed. Please PLEASE PLEASE be careful out there tonight, always be with someone and if you have no dire reason to be out of the building, I would recommend staying indoors if you’re alone.”


It later became apparent this white supremacist ‘Klansman’ armed with a whip was in fact just a monk of the Dominican order in traditional white robes. The “whip” he was holding may have been his rosary beads or a rope on his robe…


The monk was spotted at a local Red Mango grabbing a bite to eat.



At around Midnight the lib posted this odd message, perhaps under the influence of some kind of hallucinogen:

“Behold, your ‘klansmember….’

“This is what happens when there is miscommunication. So what happened tonight goes like this: a person saw white robes and what looked to them like a weapon, got scared (rightfully so), warned people, warned staff, which in turn caused me to warn my residents because I need to look out for my residents, which in turn made it spread.

“Then my residents, terrified, come running to me, saying yeah the report must be true, they saw him and couldn‘t believe there was a klansmember with a whip. And I see this picture. It’s a priest. With a rosary. 

“Now, I get it why a person would be scared. There in fact HAVE been klansmembers on the campus spurting hate speech, but never have they been reported with a weapon. So yeah, if it was in fact a weapon and a threat, it’s a good thing to warn a friend. So when someone warns other people, we need to be cautious. However, what I’ve learned from this is to take anything with a grain of salt. In the future, I’m still sending my residents warnings of threats, crime, hate gatherings, and all that but I will wait for a confirmation. But now that there is no danger I can say: this is a hilarious miscommunication.”


What about reality? You liberal morons have Black Lives Matters ‘spurting hate speech’ 24/7 but that’s okay because they are black?

You punks are so messed up it’s just insane.

What a waste of oxygen.

Absolutely unbelievable…

(h/t Right Wing Tribune)

God Bless.


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