College President Has EPIC Response To Students AFRAID of Trump Chalk Drawings [VID]

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Colleges have been infected with the disease called liberalism and it doesn’t look like that will change anytime soon. From complaints about ‘racist food’ to offensive Halloween costumes to needing ‘safe places’ the insanity just goes on and on. It’s actually pathetic.

The latest comes from Emory University where the fragile students are ‘in pain’ as a result of seeing “Trump 2016” written in chalk around the campus… IN PAIN? YOU BUTTERCUPS DON’T KNOW THE MEANING OF PAIN!


University president Jim Wagner met with the students and sent a campus-wide email broaching the matter last week, pledging to promote a “safe environment” at Emory, CBS reports.


College students are in pain because of this. Lol, how ridiculous.

Then on Friday, Wagner stopped by a table on campus where members of the Young Americans for Liberty, a libertarian group, were collecting signatures for a petition that asks the university administration to clarify free speech protections on campus.

Wagner wrote his own sidewalk chalk message next to their table- “Emory Stands for Free Expression!”

Take a look.

The Young Americans for Liberty over the weekend created a whole new round of chalk drawings and messages on the campus, Inside Higher Ed reports. Their drawings included messages of support for all of the remaining Democratic and Republican presidential candidates — including a picture of Trump with the message, “Make Emory Great Again.”

Alex Reibman, YAL chapter president, told Campus Reform he and his peers were initially concerned with how the administration would respond.

“The media has reported that Emory’s administration wants to find and persecute the people responsible for writing Trump everyone on campus last Monday. Emory claims to place a very high value on freedom of speech, but this recent controversy has thrown that into question,” Reibman said.

But after a daylong demonstration in support of free speech, Wagner came in support of his students’ First Amendment rights.

“We [were] doing this to reaffirm Emory’s commitment to freedom of speech and expression,” Reibman added. “By no means would writing Trump in chalk ever be considered so severe that it could be considered harassment.”

Look, if you don’t like Trump, don’t vote for him.

BOOM! Problem solved…

Simply unbelievable.

God Bless.


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