BREAKING: After Colorado OUTRAGE, Trump Campaign LIVID At What Happened In Nebraska

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For some reason, the Colorado Republican Party decided it was going to take away the will of the voters in the primary this year, and the result was that Sen. Ted Cruz swept the state’s delegates despite losing in just about every poll. Naturally, the Donald Trump campaign wasn’t too happy at what happened, and it’s going to be even more upset after hearing about what went down in Nebraska on Thursday.

Breitbart News is reporting that the Cruz campaign, backed by the GOP establishment, deployed its so-called “ground game” in the state and was able to once again sweep all of its potential delegates. Yeah, apparently “honest” Ted is all about thwarting the will of the voters in any way possible, or so it would seem.

Breitbart has more:

“Party officials say they saw virtually no organization by the mogul’s campaign last week when Republicans in all 93 Nebraska counties held local conventions. Those county conventions picked 800 delegates to May’s Nebraska state convention, where 33 delegates to the national convention in Cleveland will be selected,” Politico reports. “Because there was little resistance, many county conventions became Cruz pep rallies, according to interviews with party insiders and convention attendees.”

“I didn’t see any Trump supporters,” said Washington County GOP member John Orr told Politico.

“The only person there that had any kind of organization there was Cruz. No one showed up with Trump,” said former state legislator Tim Gay.

Cruz has been able to use his ground game in several states to wrest away potential delegates from Trump, all in a bid to win on a second or third ballot vote at the convention in Cleveland. Should Trump fail to reach the 1,237 delegates required to get the nomination on the first ballot, Cruz could possible get a win once the delegates become unbound, unless of course Trump is close enough to that threshold where it would be just wrong to not give him the nod.

Nebraska’s winner-take-all primary is on May 10, and after what happened earlier today, it looks like he’s poised to win. However, it may not be much help since Trump looks as if he’s going to have commanding wins in New York and other Northeastern states along with California, which may just put him over the top.

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