Colorado/Wyoming In Jade Helm Bullseye… Military Trains MASSIVELY Loaded Down [Photos]


By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die

Yesterday, All News Pipeline published a story detailing the ‘Raider Focus’ war games in Colorado and what is being called the largest military convoy since World War 2 in the Colorado area.

While the convoy officially does not begin moving men and equipment until the 26th-30th of May, a massive amount of military movement is ALREADY taking place near the Wyoming/Colorado state line as shown in these outstanding brand new pictures just sent to ANP by a reader. We also learn below of a Colorado man who was visited by the FBI recently for calling in questions about Jade Helm 15 while we’re witnessing more preparation across the nation continuing for a ‘massive event’ – and everything is beginning to come together now.  

While Colorado has allegedly pulled out of Jade Helm 15, they’re certainly not neglecting military preparation in the state and the outstanding pictures above and below of this train, which stretched for over a 1/4 mile, and we’re told the photographer has been traveling these roads for years and has never in his life seen this much military movement and activity as he has seen in the last few months. We’ve embedded several other videos taken in the past week which clearly prove what we’re watching is not for ‘Jade Helm’ states only but for something huge across the entire country.

With ‘Jade Helm’ having now become synonymous for ALL of the military drills taking place across America in 2015, we’ll also take a new look at the Wal Mart ‘conspiracy’ after having been made aware of this 2008 thread on Above Top Secret which asked if the US government is working together WITH Wal Marts across the country to build ‘secretive’ detention centers hidden away in the least likely places possible, in front of our faces. A story from Susan Duclos on ANP on the 17th of April proved the Wal Mart connection to USNORTHCOM as part of the nations ‘critical infrastructure’ and concerns that Wal Marts were possibly being converted into ‘processing centers’ to be used to intern ‘dissident Americans’ shouldn’t be discounted, especially considering what has been uncovered. Much more on Wal Mart below videos.










Military convoy’s and war games aren’t the only thing going on in Colorado as found out by this Colorado resident who was visited by the FBI after making calls to elected officials about Jade Helm 15. While we must remember that we don’t know what was said in his phone calls nor if he spoke of possibly harming someone during Jade Helm that led to this visit, we have to wonder if simply asking questions has become an investigatable offense.

From America’s Freedom Fighters :

As you’ll see in the footage below, if you show concern or are outspoken about the upcoming Jade Helm 15 military exercises, then you may be getting a personal home visit from the FBI.

FBI: Basically we’re just following up on a phone call… there’s a lot of news reporting about Jade Helm and that… and I was just wondering if you have a couple minutes to talk about it… you had called in kind of concerned about it… We follow up with anything like that… we follow all that national stuff.

If you’ve ever wondered if there is a main core red list and what it’s like to be visited by agents of the Federal government because you support the individual rights outlined by the U.S. Constitution, then watch the videos below.

The massive military train carrying military vehicles was seen in the Cleveland Ohio area last week. The thought that they’d need this much equipment for possible Cleveland riots is unlikely, though surely possible.

All News Pipeline refuses to put dates on possible future events. While we’ll publish videos of others making such claims, it’s up to you whether or not you believe the date for such an event is correct. There has been much talk of September 2015 as Jade Helm 15 winds down as being such a moment. Whether or not what we’re watching unfold culminates in a massive crescendo in 6 months is beyond the scope of our crystal ball but as this video from Puritan Pictures shows, it’s all coming together now.

The following thread opener from ATS on Wal Mart’s possibly being used as detention centers goes back to 2008. The theory was, why is the US government handing out massive subsidies to Wal Marts across the country, only so they can close the store down andrebuild another one down the street, leaving stores vacant across the country? Knowing that this has been going on at least as far back as 2008 and still happening today leaves a lot of questions unanswered. 

Is the government and Wal-mart working together to build detention centers?

I started thinking the other day about the theories out there about the government building detention centers to hold citizens who might cause trouble when martial law is declared. I then remembered seeing something about Wal-Mart closing down stores. I started to search around and have decided that there might be a possibility that these ideas are tied together. These are old figures but should be enough to get the discussion going.

CNN Money back on May 24, 2004 had an article about a watchdog group reporting Wal-Mart had received about 1 Billion dollars in government subsidies to expand their business, building stores, buying property and such.
Wal-Mart shopping for subsidies?
That is a decent amount of money that Wal-Mart is getting to increase the number of stores across the country.

Wal-Mart also has a habit of closing down stores and then building new stores in other cities and towns. They still own these closed stores and usually put them up for lease or sale but very few actually get leased or sold because they are too big and cost too much for most businesses to use. On average as of March 2005 Wal-Mart had about 350 empty stores across the U.S with a combined total area of about 26.7 million sq ft.…
That is a large number of empty massive buildings built with the help of government money.

Now the average jail cell is 8ft x 12ft. but lets say 10ft x 14ft to include wall thickness as well. That would give you 190,714 cells if you used every inch for cells only. This doesn’t work because you need corridors, guard rooms and such so lets drop that number to a conservative 175,000 jail cells. Multiply that by 2 people per cell and you have 350,000 people.

The empty Wal-Marts are spread out around the U.S near major population centers and have large parking lots that could be used as staging areas. How can a major retail company afford to leave so many good building empty and still build new ones? Why does the government keep giving money to a company that can afford to do this? I think it is because they are working together and Wal-mart is being used as a smoke screen and money maker to systematically build detention centers right in front of our eyes.

As the saying goes “The best place to hide something is to hide it in plain sight.”

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