BREAKING: James Comey Heading To Prison? Here’s What We Know


More than half of the memos created by former FBI Director James Comey of his private conversations with President Trump have been found to contain classified information, according to a new report.

The Hill, quoting “officials familiar with the documents,” reported overnight that Comey penned a total of seven memos describing his talks with Trump on the Russia case earlier this year – and four of them had markings indicating they contained classified material at the “secret” or “confidential” level.


President Trump on Monday accused former FBI Director James Comey of having illegally leaked classified material, on the heels of the report.

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According to the report, the memos recently were shown to Congress — and the FBI claimed they were all government documents, despite Comey’s description of his notes as personal.


Trump seized on the news Monday morning.

“James Comey leaked CLASSIFIED INFORMATION to the media. That is so illegal!” the president tweeted.


The claims in The Hill regarding Comey’s memos are a throwback to the same kind of allegations against former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, whom Comey’s team investigated for mishandling classified material on her private server and email.

More on the memos from the Daily Caller:

Comey has said that he memorialized his personal meetings and phone conversations with Trump because he felt uneasy about the circumstances of their encounters. Their first one-on-one meeting was a private dinner at the White House on Jan. 27. The pair also talked privately in the Oval Office on Feb. 14.

In that meeting, Comey says Trump asked him to close the FBI’s investigation of Michael Flynn, who Trump had fired as national security adviser the day before.

The existence of the memos was not revealed until after Trump fired Comey on May 9. In his testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee last month, he maintained that he believed that the information in the memos was unclassified. He also said that he leaked at least one of the documents to a Columbia law professor friend of his.

“My thinking was if I write it in such a way that I don’t include anything that would trigger a classification, that would make it easier to discuss within the FBI and the government and to hold onto it in a way that makes it accessible to us,” Comey testified.

Also in his testimony, Comey said that he did not turn over the memos after being fired because he viewed them as personal documents. But according to The Hill, the FBI considers the memos to be government records.

More on the memos from Breitbart:

“This revelation raises the possibility that Comey broke his own agency’s rules and ignored the same security protocol that he publicly criticized Hillary Clinton for in the waning days of the 2016 presidential election,” it added.

Comey had called Clinton “extremely careless” for creating a private email server that stored classified information but did not recommend prosecution because he said there was no evidence of criminal intent.

According to the report, congressional investigators have already begun examining whether Comey’s creation, storage, and sharing of the memos violated FBI policy.

“Now, congressional investigators are likely to turn their attention to the same issues to determine if Comey mishandled any classified information in his personal memos,” it said.

The report noted that the memos were shown to Congress in recent days.

The report also said the FBI considers all of the memos to be “government documents,” contrary to Comey’s claim they were “personal documents.”

“FBI policy forbids any agent from releasing classified information or any information from ongoing investigations or sensitive operations without prior written permission, and mandates that all records created during official duties are considered to be government property,” the report said

Comey admitted to senators last month that he leaked at least one memo to his friend Daniel Richman, a Columbia Law School professor and former prosecutor so that he could leak them to the New York Times. 

The memo he was referring to documented a conversation where Trump allegedly asked Comey to drop his investigation into former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

He argued he did so as a “private citizen” and that these were his “personal documents.”

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While Comey had the authority to classify and de-classify information as he saw fit when he was the FBI’s director, he retained possession of them after leaving his position, which is a big no-no because they’re government property. Also, his friend who had the documents in their possession could be in trouble for possessing classified information, although it remains to be seen what, if any, punishment there’s going to be for either man.


God Bless.

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