BREAKING: Comey’s ‘Inside Man’ At The FBI Just BUSTED… HE’S DONE!!!!


The FBI hasn’t been having a good year, and the latest news out of the bureau is yet another sign of what’s to come.

James Comey was appointed as director to the FBI under Barack Obama – the worst White House occupant who ever existed – and he put in place people around him who were every bit as crooked as he was. According to a breaking report from Fox News, one such person has announced he’ll be departing the bureau for a job in the private sector (read: I’ll be getting fired anyway so why not quit).


James Rybicki served as the chief of staff under Comey for years, which means he knows all the dirt there is on his former boss. Don’t forget, the job of the chief of staff is to control who their boss sees, what their boss sees, and how their boss goes about doing things.

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In other words, there’s no possible way that Rybicki didn’t know about the corrupt dealings going on within the FBI, especially the botched (read: intentionally mishandled) investigation into Hillary Clinton’s illegal private server. With the Inspector General’s report due to come out any time now, it appears as if Rybicki is pulling a McCabe and jumping ship before his benefits are stripped from him.


Fox News has more:

Federal law enforcement sources told Fox News that Rybicki was not fired. His departure, they said, has “been in the works for awhile.”


“Jim Rybicki notified me last month that he will be leaving the FBI to accept an opportunity in the corporate sector,” Wray said in a statement. “While this is an exciting move for the whole Rybicki family, Jim will be dearly missed by the FBI family – and by me personally.”

Wray added: “His many years of dedication to the bureau and DOJ, his level-headed judgement and earnest professionalism, and his steady good cheer have been an asset to us all and have contributed greatly to the safety and security of our nation.”

The FBI director said he tapped attorney Zachary Harmon to replace Rybicki.

They’re dropping like flies now, it would appear. First, McCabe, who was said to be honorable and trustworthy [cough cough], announced his resignation last month, and it just so happened to have the oddest timing; almost the exact day he becomes eligible for a full pension from the government. Now, we have this guy Rybicki doing the same.

This is after FBI agent and overall national disgrace Peter Strzok was demoted from his position after it was discovered he not only dislike the President, but hatched an “insurance” plan in case Trump were to win. Then there’s Bruce Ohr, who’s another DOJ official demoted after it was learned that he was ant-Trump and using his authority to try to derail the President’s campaign.

Oh yeah, and let’s not forget Nellie Ohr, the wife of Bruce who worked for Fusion GPS, the shady and traitorous company responsible for creating the so-called Russian Dossier” – a file full of salacious lies created by the Kremlin to interfere with our elections. Fusion GPS was paid by both the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign so they could pay the Russians to interfere with our election.

So while the Democrats, leftists, and media alike continue to push the thoroughly debunked Russian collusion story, it’s really all of their people who’ve been going down faster than anyone associated with Manuel Noriega as the C.I.A. worked swiftly to take Noriega and anyone involved with him out.

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