James Comey’s Right Hand Man BUSTED With Long Time TIES To Hillary Clinton


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The second in command at the FBI has some skeletons in his closet (and possibly buried in his backyard considering who he has ties to)! It seems like James Comey’s Deputy Director Andrew McCabe failed to disclose that his wife has some pretty warm relations with a Clinton operative.  By warm, I mean she received close to $1 million dollars in payments from them.  

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McCabe failed to properly disclose his wife’s ties to the Clinton dynasty during his annual financial disclosure filings.  The FBI takes these matters very seriously and this sort of lapse in judgement is a big no-no.  Or, rather, it should be.  But since I can’t seem to figure out whether Comey is a scumbag and captured by the Clintonian special interests or if he’s a scumbag and just doesn’t want to be on the losing team, there’s probably not too much that will come of this.  Either way, he’s a scumbag and  in good company so it falls on the American people to hold McCabe and his ilk accountable.


A related story involving McCabe’s wife was first reported by Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal where it was revealed that she was urged to run by a close friend of Clinton’s Terry McAuliffe.  You might remember McAuliffe–he’s the guy that decided to let 13,000 felons vote in preparation for the 2016 election.  Now, I’m all for restoring the full rights of citizens after they serve their time but when you do it a few months before an election then pretend that it has nothing to do with the election you’re outing yourself as an evil man.  When your plan is totally thwarted and the opponent still wins, you wind up looking like a massive loser.  QED, McAullife is an evil loser.

I digress.  This story gets even more messed up. Let’s return to the wife of Deputy Director McCabe.  Her name is Jill…Dr. Jill McCabe, to be more exact if professionalism matters here.  It certainly doesn’t matter to these people though.  Dr. Jill received close to half a million dollars in payments from McAuliffe’s PAC during 2015.  Read that again.  She was given close to $500,000 in payments from this guy.  Nothing fishy there, right?


Not only did she receive $500,000 from the crooked convict’s politician, but she received an additional $300,000 dollars from the Democratic PAC. That’s right. She received well over three-quarters of a million dollars from Democrats and her husband didn’t disclose it on the very simple to file form that every single high-level federal employee in the executive branch is supposed to file.

Is what he did illegal? Probably not.  But there’s a box there for optional disclosure of your spouse’s income…you know, if she receives it from a dubious source that you think is notable.  Here’s what Murdoch’s Fox News found out:

“The rules instructing filers how to complete the OGE 278e form are published by the independent Office of Government Ethics (OGE) in a document titled ‘The Public Financial Disclosure Form (July 2016).’ The form does not require that an employee spouse’s salary be disclosed; only the employer name and type of income required. Nor does the form require or contain a line for campaign contributions, which are not considered income. Rules governing campaign donations are overseen by the Federal Election Commission.

Each form submitted by an FBI employee to the OGE is certified by FBI’s chief ethics officer, who heads the Office of Integrity and Compliance. Mr. McCabe consulted with this office upon his wife’s decision to run for political office.”

Oh, I feel much better now knowing that an internal investigation cleared McCabe! Anyways, is it highly suspect, unethical and disgusting to fail to disclose something like this? I certainly think so, but you decide for yourselves.  I’m not here to tell you what to think.  I’m just here to be righteously indignant about the whole thing.

SUMMARY: Comey’s 2nd in command didn’t disclose that Democrats basically pay for his quality of life and that Clinton associates paid his wife close to a million dollars. 

But “Russia, Russia, Russia” will still be the idiots’ rallying cry.

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