Complete INSANITY: As Paris Mourns, Obama Does The UNTHINKABLE…


 Just days after the ISIS terrorist attack in Paris which killed 129 people, Obama has responded by doing the unthinkable- he has released five Yemeni detainees from GITMO! Yeah, that’s really smart. Unbelievable.

As reported by US News and World Report, “Five men held by the U.S. at its base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, have been released and sent to the United Arab Emirates.

The Pentagon says the five Yemeni men were accepted for resettlement in the Persian Gulf nation after U.S. authorities determined they no longer posed a threat. The Defense Department said in a statement Sunday that their release brings the Guantanamo prisoner population to 107.

Each of the five released over the weekend had been held for more than 13 years. They were not charged but were detained as enemy combatants. Their release was delayed because the U.S. won’t send Guantanamo prisoners to Yemen because of instability there and must find other countries to accept them. These are the first prisoners accepted by the UAE for resettlement.”
Who cares how long they’ve been held? As long as Islamic terrorism continues, we must continue to keep them off the battlefield. And the best place to make sure these five don’t pose a threat is to keep them at Club GITMO. I find it so perplexing that we fail to understand unlawful enemy combatants have no rights. They do not need to be given a “fair trial” and their freedom is certainly our last concern. But what is most disconcerting is that who in the Obama administration thought that this was a good idea, considering what just happened in Paris?
The optics of this folly speaks volumes and here is the propaganda that the enemy will promulgate. “Dear brothers, after our successful attack in Paris against the infidels, the weakness of America was shown as they released five of our brothers back to join our fight. This is why we must continue to attack the West because they have no stomach to fight, but prefer their lifestyle of parties and sports. We shall increase our attacks because their response is not to fight back but to cower.”
On this weekend when those who were so viciously and savagely attacked are still fighting for their lives, the Obama administration released Islamic terrorists. This is what the enemy sees of us and this is why they are further emboldened. This is why they will relentlessly attack until we finally take definitive action — when even at this point there are naysayers and dissenters.

Who in the Obama administration made the determination that this was a swell thing to do at this point of time? Who was it that said, “ahh, we can explain this away and no one will care or even pay attention?” Perhaps someone said, “Mr. President, now’s a great time to release these five since everyone is focusing on the Paris terrorist attack.” If that’s the case, it is disgusting that Obama and his minions would use a terrorist attack as cover for this action.

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Look, the bottom line is that there would be no ISIS if Obama had listened to his military advisers. But he didn’t. He withdrew all of our troops from Iraq. Consequently, the world has erupted with Islamic violence.


On the very morning of the Paris attacks, President Barack Obama made one of his most clueless statements possible about ISIS. He said The Islamic State group “was not getting stronger” and that the threat was “contained”.

Like New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said- Obama sees the world “as a fantasy.” It’s true! He lives in a Utopian liberal bubble.


France took immediate action by bombing the hell out of ISIS command centers and training compounds. Obama bombs empty fields of sand or drops pamphlets. He’s a joke.

Like Allen West says, the real strategy has to be a complete strategic takedown of the ideology of Islamic jihadism. It has to be strangled and eradicated. This is not about a drone killing one or two here or there. This is a time when the hammer is needed for the nail — instead we are leaving the hammer in the toolbox and offering a hug.

Remember John Lurch Kerry and James Taylor? For God’s sake that was a total embarrassment…

In closing, for Obama to release 5 GITMO enemy combatants, TERRORISTS, immediately after this massive terrorist attack is completely ludicrous. Folks, we have the worst president that America has ever had. And we have just over a year more of his lawless and reckless failed leadership to endure. GOD HELP US!

(H/T Right Wing Tribune)

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