It’s Been CONFIRMED… They’re All DEAD


Hamas TERRORISTS have reportedly killed at least 1,200 Israeli civilians and soldiers and 27 Americans in their violent attack against Israel.

These savages who are funded and trained by Iran slaughtered innocent civilians, beheading infants and women with shovels, raped women and ruthlessly murdered people of all ages including harmless old people.

This death toll is expected to rise as this war in just getting started.

Dead Americans

Anthony Smith at NEWS HOUR FIRST reports that this is now the second time that American souls have been lost on Biden’s watch.

I am not sure we will ever get the truth beyond the 13 service members who died during Biden’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, not to mention those who got mutilated losing limbs, being disfigured and will suffer from that catastrophe for the rest of their lives.

Biden called the withdrawal a complete success.

I beg to differ.

Biden and his incompetent idiots cannot hide this latest atrocity, however.

Reports have now confirmed that at least 27 Americans are dead in the attack against Israel.

Thousands more are still missing, likely in the rubble from the attack.

At least 2,400 people have been killed in the war, including at least 1,200 Israeli civilians and soldiers and 27 Americans.

There are also Americans who have been taken hostage by Hamas, and we still await their fate.

The Hamas BARBARIANS have threatened to start killing hostages if Israel attacks civilian targets without notice.

It’s a well known fact that these Hamas scumbags hides among civilian targets.

These cowards have their militant butchers intermingled with civilians in schools, hospitals, mosques and other sites knowing that civilized nations take extreme precautions and measures to prevent any civilian casualties which of course makes the mission to exterminate these cockroaches much more difficult.

They have been warned

Israel has given ample time to get OUT of the area because soon it will all be nothing but dead Hamas trash and rubble.

Israel has warned the 1.1 million people living in the north of Gaza to evacuate the area within 24 hours as a “humanitarian step to minimalize civilian casualties” ahead of the military’s response to Hamas’ terrorist attacks.

The question, however, is what is Joe Biden going to do now?

We know the answer.

American blood has been spilled, and this weak man seems more than willing to simply let that go unanswered.

I say nuke the hell out of that whole area- it’s a hell hole and these monsters need to be eradicated for their evil.

Everyone and their mother knows that Iran has blood on their hands so it would be a good idea to stop giving them pallets of cash, confiscate their dirty oil and frankly turn that place into a glass parking lot.

This is what happens when you leave from behind.

We stand with Israel.

Our hearts and prayers are with them as well as the Americans and other citizens from friendly countries who have been taken hostage and tortured or SAVAGELY KILLED.

Developing story- more to come.


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