BREAKING: Congress Just DISMANTLED Achievement That Took 7 Years To Implement In LESS Than 24 Hours



Sitting in my office yesterday, I received a rather surprising phone call that took me more than a little off guard. At first, I simply was ready to dismiss as another robocall from telemarketers that simply wanted to sell something, except I kept thinking the voice sounded very familiar.  I kept listening and realized, I was listening to a fundraising call from Obama.

Obama is continuing to do what he does best — Campaigning and Fundraising.  Except what EXACTLY is he fundraising for?  He can’t run for president again – THANK GOD! So what’s left?  He has already done eight long years worth of damage to our country, damage that the Trump administration is doing their level best to repair. It seems Obama was making the rounds, peddling his message in efforts to raise funds for Democrats to obstruct any and all Trump policies according to the recorded message on the call.

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Obama has not offered his successor the same respect he himself was shown by George W. Bush.  An utter lack of respect for anyone but himself and his own agenda, America be damned, is typical of Obama and his regime.


Best-selling author Ed Klein has suggested that Obama is building a “shadow government” to fight Donald Trump, which may explain Obama’s new fundraising. It certainly explains the continued riots, leftist extremism, flat out obstructionism, and the faux outrage by the leftist mainstream media.

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Klein suggests that Obama is setting this kind of almost insurgency, picking people in foreign affairs, labor, abortion, union matters and setting them up to start appearing on television, making speeches and doing op-ed pieces for next four years.  It is abundantly clear that is exactly what is going on – a shadow government opposing the Trump administration at every turn, a sort of political coup attempt taking place via Obama and his leftist globalist cronies


Take this most recent piece by the leftist mainstream media publication – Politico — The article discusses the abject disappointment of former Obama staffer Joe Pizarchik.  He laments his approximately seven years of work on regulation to protect streams from mountaintop removal coal mining – you remember the Obama regime’s War on Coal don’t you? The asinine war that utterly decimated entire swathes of the United States and their local economies, leaving many unemployed. Pizarchik is whining about the 25 hours it took Congress to ax his job killing policies, stating –

“My biggest disappointment is a majority in Congress ignored the will of the people,” said Pizarchik, who directed the Interior Department’s Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement from 2009 through January. “They ignored the interests of the people in coal country, they ignored the law and they put corporate money ahead of all that.”

The arrival of a Republican president opened the door for GOP lawmakers to employ a rarely used legislative tool, the Congressional Review Act of 1996, to nullify executive branch regulations issued since mid-June. The act allows lawmakers to sandblast recently enacted rules with a simple majority vote — as they did last week to the stream regulation, which the Interior Department had completed in December.


President Donald Trump is expected to sign off on that repeal, along with others moving through the Capitol.


Congress has successfully used the 1996 law only once before, but Republicans are wielding it now to slash away potentially dozens of late-term Obama rules. That has left officials who spent years working on those rules feeling rubbed raw.

“It’s devastating, of course,” said Alexandra Teitz, a longtime Democratic Hill aide who joined Interior’s Bureau of Land Management in 2014 as a counselor to the agency’s director and worked on a rule to curb methane waste from oil and gas production. A House-passed Congressional Review Act resolution targeting that rule awaits action in the Senate.

Pizarchik and other former Obama administration officials called the rapid repeal process intensely unfair. The 1996 law says any repeal must come within 60 legislative days after a rule becomes final.

“If there had been more time and Congress had not rushed this through but had actually deliberated on what was in the rule, [then] the results would have been different,” Pizarchik said.

We are seeing across the nation the utter and complete failure of the leftist democratic Politically correct agenda — California, especially those citizens affected by the Oroville dam debacle are feeling this right now in spades.  It seems they love their regulation and spending our money on everything BUT Americans and American jobs and WE the PEOPLE are the ones that pay the price.

God Bless.

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