BREAKING: Congress Just Called Out The NFLs Corruption In An EXPLOSIVE Report


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The NFL Charged The Armed Forces MILLIONS To Participate On Game Day

In an explosive report promising to call out those that are cashing in and taking advantage of the military, Senators Jeff Flake and John McCain divulged a gritty tale of the National Football League’s two-faced nature.


The report, which covers 120+ contracts between the NFL and the DoD highlights an uncomfortable relationship between a league that boasts of its supposed patriotism.  The most disturbing element of the report is the absolutely evil fees the NFL chose to charge the armed forces for their participation in the half-time performances and color guard renditions.

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That’s not patriotism. That’s thievery by an organization that is tax-exempt and previously sparked controversy after they threatened to fine players for wearing anything commemorating 9/11.  There’s little reason to wonder why some people have come forward to claim that the “NFL hates America.’  With this latest report, there isn’t even a remnant of doubt that remains: this organization is a parasite.

What Does The Report Say?

If you’ve seen a halftime show on television or witnessed a game in person, you’ve seen where this money goes with your own eyes: beautiful displays of patriotism and sprawling flags that cover entire fields from one end-zone to the next. If you were like me, however, you probably didn’t realize that the NFL was feeding from the tax-payer’s pocket.


That’s because everyone loves and cherishes these moments.  Our troops work hard, day in and day out in order to protect and defend our homeland from foreign aggressors so a little support at a ballgame certainly goes a long way.  But, what’s troubling is that these moments of supposed patronage and patriotism by the team owners are nothing more than a scheme to pocket some spare change.

Stripes cited four specific examples from the report that qualify as “paid patriotism:”

  • The Air Force paid the L.A. Galaxy soccer team to recognize high-ranking officers in 2012;
  • The National Guard paid the Boston Bruins hockey team for a luxury box and executive suite during a military appreciation night;
  • In 2014, the National Guard paid the Seattle Seahawks football team to allow 10 soldiers to re-enlist on the field in a pregame event and,
  • The National Guard paid the Indianapolis Colts football team for a luxury suite, autographs, pregame visits to the field and cheerleader appearances.

The reality–and it’s a messed up reality, too–is that the teams of the NFL actually charge our armed forces for the privilege of being on the field all while paying lip-service to them.  More to the point: the American Taxpayer is paying $9 million dollars to the NFL and various teams so that NFL teams can look as though they are patriotic and charitable.  In some cases, had the NFL teams not charged the DoD they would most likely have gone out and paid some entertainer to participate in the show.

Congress Has Taken Notice:

According to The Hill, Sen. Flake had this to say on the matter:

“All these major league sports teams do a lot of good work for the military, a lot of good work, that dwarves anything in these contracts,” Flake said at a press conference promoting the report.

“What is upsetting is that when you see activities like this that people assume when they go games are paid for out of the goodness of the heart by the owners and the teams, then to find out the taxpayer’s paying for it, it kind of cheapens the whole lot, and that’s simply not right,” he said.

Of the $9 million allotted to the NFL for events involving the armed forces, $6.8 million is said to have been used illegitimately.

McCain said:  “I don’t think it seems that way to the American people that when you honor the men and women who are serving and for their sacrifice that should be paid for that. It’s really not much more complicated than that.”

And, despite that man having pretty much everything else wrong, it’s pretty clear that he got this one right. There’s no reason for even a penny of my taxes to go to an organization that wants to pretend to love the troops, ever. In light of all the recent anti-American performances made by helmeted thugs, this news tastes even more foul.

As part of the upcoming National Defense Authorization Act, Congress plans to impose greater restrictions on DoD contracts with professional sports teams.



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