“Conservative Black Chick” DESTROYS John Lewis In BRUTAL Rant, “What I Want To…”


Georgia Congressman John Lewis, a staunch Democrat and self-proclaimed civil rights activist, is boycotting the inauguration of Donald Trump.  because he claims his presidency is “illegitimate.”

I don’t see this president-elect as a legitimate president. I think the Russians participated in helping this man get elected. And they helped destroy the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.”



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Now a blogger named Crystal Wright who calls herself the “Conservative Black Chick” has responded, giving Lewis a piece of her mind in epic fashion! Wright says what is on the minds of many Americans who are TIRED of these repeated claims of so-called Russian hackers, telling Fox Business host Stuart Varney that Lewis himself is an “illegitimate congressman” for saying something so “disrespectful.”

Then she pierced the beatific bubble that enshrouds the civil rights icon who marched with Martin Luther King, Junior Selma, Alabama back in 1965:

“And, you know, what I want to know is what has John Lewis done since he marched on Selma? Really. He’s riding on the coattails of something that happened over 50 years ago. …To me, his position in Congress is illegitimate.”

On Monday, the Georgia congressman tweeted a message about Martin Luther King, Jr. and their march on Selma, Alabama, in support of voting rights.


But Wright says Congressman Lewis has been dining out on that march for the past 50 years:

“John Lewis has done more for himself in the past 50 plus years than he’s done for black people.”

An ally of the late Martin Luther King, Lewis was assaulted during the “Freedom Rides,” in which blacks and whites rode together in a bus across the Deep South in protest of state laws dictating racial segregation. He was hit in the head with a wooden crate, which rendered him unconscious. Most famously, Lewis was among those injured at Edmund Pettus Bridge in Alabama, in the Selma March of 1965.

On Monday at a breakfast in Miami in observance of Martin Luther King Day, Lewis gave an emotional speech where he told the audience he forgave the KKK member who attacked him and left him in a pool of blood. Lewis said several years later the man came to his office and asked for his forgiveness. And Lewis said he hugged him “in the power of peace and prayer” and forgave him.

But he can’t “forgive” Trump?

Since that event in 1965, Lewis has made many inflammatory remarks over the years against political opponents.  The reactions to those comments are then met with accusations that the responder is being somehow disrespectful of Lewis’s courage during his civil rights activities.

Not surprisingly,  similar accusations were levied at President-elect Trump when he responded to Lewis’ audacious comments, tweeting,

Congressman John Lewis should spend more time on fixing and helping his district, which is in horrible shape and falling apart (not to mention crime infested) rather than falsely complaining about the election results. All talk, talk, talk — no action or results. Sad!

Trump then suggested what Lewis could do, if he really wanted to make a positive difference: “Congressman John Lewis should finally focus on the burning and crime infested inner cities of the U.S. I can use all the help I can get!”


Lewis’s district encompasses three-quarters of Atlanta and the city now claims the title as one of America’s top murder capitals by the FBI. Here are a sampling of crime headlines from the first two weeks of 2017:

Seems like President-elect Trump is on to something.  Perhaps Lewis ought to worry about cleaning his own house and stop riding the coattails of events that happened in 1965.  The events of 52 years ago have no bearing whatsoever on the current conversations.  RACE CARD DENIED!

(h/t Top Right News)

God Bless.

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