Conservative Blogger EXPOSES What Else Happened While Gorilla Held 4-Year-Old Child Captive… Media Silent


By now you have undoubtedly heard about the shooting of a gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo. A 4-year-old boy fell into the gorilla exhibit moat and was being dragged around like a rag-doll which prompted zoo personnel to make the decision to kill the 17-year-old silverback gorilla named Harambe.

Tree-hugging, vegan liberals are in an uproar.


A Conservative blogger named  wrote a brilliant piece for TheBlaze that exposes the hypocrisy of these idiots that care more about a fricking gorilla than they do about this child, as well as ALL children’s lives.

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He wrote about the incident calling it a “happy ending to what could have been a terrible, tragic story.”

And that’s right. The kid survived. That’s what is important, right?


Walsh says, “I call it a happy ending because the young boy lived, which is a result that would have seemed very much in question to anyone who happened to witness the situation in real time. Of course I’m not happy the ape died – I didn’t wake up on Saturday morning hoping that a gorilla in Cincinnati would meet his untimely demise – but when a human’s life is threatened by an animal, the only thing I care about is saving the human. The moment the gorilla grabs the boy, my first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, one hundredth, one millionth, etc., priorities are to save the boy. If the boy is saved, then I am happy. That’s all.”

“Only a person with contemptible, perverse values would, even for a moment, question the decision made by the police and the zoo. There is no real controversy here. It is very simple. And anyone who struggles with it is disturbed on a deep, spiritual level,” Walsh says.

Walsh goes on to point out that the people that are raising hell about a gorilla are the very same people that don’t give a damn about the insane amount of innocent lives that are snuffed via ABORTION!

“On a daily basis, a group of people larger than the population of Provo, Utah, are systematically exterminated. None of them are given a name, and there will be no candlelight vigils for any of these victims,” Walsh wrote.

Walsh points out that the gorilla died swiftly and painlessly, unlike the way that human children are murdered.

“Depending on the trimester, the executions will be carried out in a variety of different ways. A common method, probably utilized hundreds of times each day, is called a Dilation and Evacuation (D&E). In this procedure, the abortionist pries open the mother’s cervix with a metal instrument, inserts a suction tube to extract the amniotic fluid, and then uses a pair of sharpened forceps to methodically tear the baby apart limb by limb.”

“The legs are usually ripped off first. Then the arms. Then the abdomen, and so on.  Finally the skull is crushed into little pieces until the child’s brain oozes out of the woman’s vagina. At this point, the abortionist knows the act is complete. Soon the woman will be cleaned up, handed a bill for 400 dollars, and ushered quickly to the exit. This is a scene that plays out over and over again, every day, all across the country and the world.”

“There is outrage over these senseless acts of brutal violence, but only in certain circles. In fact, the outrage is so exclusive that we even have a name for the sorts of folks who don’t think we should be dismembering 50 million kids each year. We call that very specific group of people “pro-lifers.” Those who are not pro-life are either indifferent to the mountain of dead human bodies piled in medical waste dumpsters outside abortions clinics, or quite enthusiastic about the whole thing. The indifferent and the enthusiastic seem to outnumber the pro-lifers by wide margins.”

“But outrage over the death of a jungle beast is far more mainstream. And this was a beast directly threatening the life of a child. One can only imagine how most Americans would react if a demented zookeeper decided to kill a baby gorilla by dismembering it and crushing its skull. I expect angry mobs would burn down the zookeeper’s house and stone him to death in the street. Then they’d build a golden icon of the unfortunate creature and every year, on the date of its death, they’d make pilgrimages to the holy shrine. In fact, they’re pretty much already doing that with Harambe, and it’s only been two days.”

These are the consequences when a culture severs itself from reality and rejects values that are rooted in a love of God and a recognition of moral absolutes. It doesn’t take long before this lost and detached cultures plunges into barbarism, paganism, and insanity.

For the record, the gorilla was slamming this poor child against the concrete and WOULD HAVE RIPPED HIM TO PIECES. GET OVER IT. HUMANS ARE WAY MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANY DAMN GORILLA- PERIOD.

Liberals are absolutely insane. We need to take our country back before we get to the point of no return.

God Bless.



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