Leftist Garbage Rag LA Times Calls Black Conservative Larry Elder ‘The Black Face Of White Supremacy’ [VIDEO]


Okay, before we get to the meat of this article I just want to say that I am a big fan of Larry Elder. He’s awesome.


Before FOX turned lib, I had it on all day in my office but now I occasionally watch Tucker and Hannity who I am still big fans of.

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Newsmax is my ‘go-to’ nowadays but I admit I’ll hit up FOX when Newsmax airs reruns.


Hey, I’m a news junkie unfortunately lol!

Anyways, the left are sick people and are racist as all hell.


Here’s a prime example courtesy of B.K. House at 100 Percent FED Up:

This is why a lot of people don’t go into politics, because of the politics of personal destruction. – Larry Elder

Leftists have a stranglehold on California and have for decades. They are so desperate to keep a black conservative out of their governor’s mansion that they’re falling over themselves to convince their citizens, whom they have nothing but contempt for, that African American Larry Elder is a racist.

Leftist rag, LA Times even posted a hit piece against Elder, shamelessly titled: ‘Larry Elder is the black face of white supremacy. You’ve been warned.’

Can you believe that garbage? These people are seriously sick in the head.


Like cornered animals, fighting to keep their vicious lie alive, they claim that conservatives are bigoted, intolerant, white-privileged racists…even if they’re black.

How intelligent. Such garbage.

Elder tells Sean Hannity that Senator Dianne Feinstein is more feeble than Joe Biden and if she retires or becomes incapacitated, democrats fear he will appoint a Republican to replace her thus shifting the balance in the senate.

“They are scared to death. They know that if California can elect a conservative governor…that any state can.”

Check this out.

Larry Elder responds to ‘evil, racist’ article about his run for governor

Nothing spells desperation more than denigrating an intelligent, accomplished conservative black man and claiming he’s a white supremacist. And nothing demonstrates utter stupidity more than believing such tripe.

The fact that liberals, Socialists and Democrats would run with this garbage shows you who they REALLY are.

When we don’t lie a Democrat it has nothing to do with race for the most part.

Yeah we slam the SQUAD who happen to be Muslim but their comments and racism merits being written about.

Elder is a good man without a racist bone in his body.

California needs change. Democrats have ruined one of the most beautiful states in the USA.

Please go to electelder.com to support this great patriot.

Portions of this article appeared at 100 Percent FED Up.

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God Bless.

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