ALERT Part 2 VID: New “Conservative” Social Media Network Called “CloutHub” Censors It’s Users (PROOF) AND! LOOK Who FUNDS THEM

We recently brought to you information about the new alternative social media platform called CloutHub and their censorship of us. We now want to take you behind the curtain and show you who exactly this “future of social media” is in bed with. Warning ! It’s disgusting once you find out who they’ve aligned with!


Clouthub financing

As shown above, CloutHub is financed by the tech incubator company. So the question comes to who is EvoNexus, and why are you telling me this? If you go to their corporate partners page, you will see a list of all their money and financial support. Most of their partners names are not companies that are well known to people. There are several that however do stand out and raise MAJOR concerns with us.

The first company we noticed that is apart of all of this is the popular cell phone network company Verizon. It’s been some time since anyone has heard or seen Verizon in the news for stuff. We want to take you all back and remind you who they are, and what they are known to do with your money if you are a customer of theirs. Back in the years of of the Obama Presidency, good ole Verizon decided to give $2.2 Million in Partnership with the National Council of Laraza!



Seen here in this YouTube video, La Raza operates much like a terrorist organization. This calls into question just what does Verizon think of you and I? Is this really a company you want to do business with? Is this a company you want to take money from?

Another Company that comes across on this list of partners is the Chinese Communist communications company Huawei.

These guys made headlines under President Trump when he banned them from the United States due to their corporate spying and espionage. Huawei is still banned from being able to sell their equipment in our great country until May of 2021. Now President dementia Joe might go and remove that block since he loves bending over for China, but that’s a whole different story in itself.


Huawei was so well known for their dangerous devices and spying that the United States Pentagon put a block on the sales of all of their devices.

So now we have a company who is sending money to known terrorists groups, and a company whos products are supposed to be banned from sale in the United States for being a danger to National Security as partners with this company who is funding CloutHub?

What CloutHub also isn’t telling you is who hosts their platform. They are set on IBM servers currently and have caved to their censorship demands as they lost their video software from IBM. Why is IBM important to know about you ask?
Well we have to take a trip way back to 1933 Germany to see the dark origins of IBM and why they matter. According to historian Edwin Black in his “IBM and the Holocaust”, Black lays out how the Ceo of IBM at that time  Thomas J. Watson came to the aide of Germany to assist them with their census.


Black lays out in his book how IBM and helped Germany set up it’s number system that was used to account for every German citizen. They didn’t just account for all their citizens though, according to Black, they went on to use this information to isolate and locate the ethnic groups that were systematically targeted by the Nazis to later be know as the Holocaust.


We are only highlighting this information for all of you so you can make an educated decision on where you choose to do your social media business. We personally are glad we are not on the platform CloutHub after we uncovered all of this information. We know you have plenty of choices out there, and it’s hard to know who you can trust and can’t trust when it comes to your data and information in the game of social media. We do thank you though for trusting us to bring you the news the main stream media won’t report.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE – Part 1: New “Conservative” Social Media Network Called “CloutHub” Is Fully Censoring It’s Users And We Have The Proof [PICS]


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