BREAKING NEWS About John Conyers- Fast Facts You Need To Know


Monica Conyers, the wife of Rep. John Conyers (D-MI), jumped straight to “racism” with accusations that journalists only “stalk” the homes of black people.

Accusations have been levied at Rep. Conyers over sexual harassment by multiple women and there has been significant pressure for him to resign amidst the scandal.  It has also come forth that Rep. Conyers’ office paid some $27,000 to settle with a woman in 2015 after she was fired for not reciprocating his sexual advances towards her.


The longest-serving member of the House has denied all claims against him. When asked about the accusations, Monica Conyers told reporters to try to reach him at his office instead of at their home, then wondered allowed if reporters would “go and stalk white people’s houses.”

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Monica said –


“Go to his office, that’s where he’s a public figure. When he’s here, we’re a family. We’re a home. Do you go and stalk white people’s houses? Do you just come to the black neighborhoods and stalk our houses?”



Earlier the same day, Conyers’ son, John Conyers III, told the media it was “very unfortunate to see [his father] fight so long for so many people and to automatically have the allegations assumed to be true.”

….except there is that pesky settlement….

Is that just one of those things that make you go hmmm?

Conyers’ wife was a whole lot more confrontational and even less conciliatory when confronted if that is even possible. When asked for her comment on the continued allegations against her husband as she was leaving the Conyers’ family home on Wednesday morning, Monica demanded to know the names of her husband’s accusers, telling the press –

“I’ll make a comment when you all disclose to me who has made the allegations.” 

That’s when Monica played the race card….

This is not Monica’s first dog and pony show with scandal or in dealing with the media through it.  Monida served a 37-month prison sentence for taking bribes when she served as a Detroit City Councilwoman. She also got into another bit of legal trouble in 2006 while she was still serving as a councilwoman.  It seems Monica has a mean right hook and a pesky thing like being an elected official did not stop her from a bar brawl at a lawyer friend’s birthday party.

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According to NBC News – 

“The lawyer’s date, Rebecca Mews, appeared on television with a black eye and claimed Conyers threw the first punch. Conyers claimed Mews shoved her and she defended herself.”

Despite two more women coming forward with allegations of sexual harassment while working in Conyers’ office bringing the total to four so far, Conyers states he has no immediate plans to resign and intends to fight these “false” allegations.

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus have refused to call for Conyers’ resignation. Instead, Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) went so far as to compare Conyers’ accusers to child murderer Susan Smith, who falsely claimed a black man abducted her kids.  Clyburn argues that the accusations against Conyers are not credible because they come from “white women.”



Conyers’s accusers continue to draw media attention, despite his wife’s accusations of racism.  Democrats and mainstream media outlets such as the Washington Post claim Conyers’ legacy is a complicating factor in Washington among Democrats in how they are responding to the allegations. The Post lists Conyers’ legislative seniority, influence on past policy debates and ties to the civil rights movement as problematic for the left in demanding his ouster claiming Conyers is a “revered figure among House Democrats” for all his work.


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