Cop Asks This Homeless Man One Question, Then He Noticed What Was At His Feet

A homeless man in Cleveland was sleeping in front of an apartment building one freezing night which ticked off the tenants who were nice and warm inside. They complained and when police responded, he got an immediate dose of extreme humanitarian generosity!

One of the officers, Jose Sadalua went above and beyond the call of duty! This is awesome!

The officers arrived at the apartment building and immediately asked 57-year-old homeless man Glenn Kline what they could do to help him, Fox 8 reports.



Officer Sadalua was so concerned for the man that he actually took his own shoes off and gave them to him.

That is so awesome! 

“They fit good and everything,” Kline told FOX 8. Officer Sadalua got permission to return home to get a new pair of shoes so he could finish up his shift.


Mr. Kline, who is a fixture in Cleveland’s West 117th neighborhood, said he has been homeless for many years and feels unsafe in shelters and is extremely grateful for the officer’s random act of kindness.

Officer Sadalua didn’t want anyone to find out about his act of kindness, however his fellow officers ended up spreading the word.

One of his fellow officers said that Sadalua didn’t do what he did for attention but simply because that is ‘just who he is.’

We applaud Officer Sadalua for a job well done!

(h/t Daily Mail)

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