JUST IN: After Cop Who Shot Australian Woman Identified, Washington Post Makes OUTRAGEOUS Claim

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After the officer who shot dead an unarmed woman from Australia was identified, a writer for the Washington Post took to her keyboard to write a ridiculous piece showing concern, not for the woman and her family, but for the poor Muslims who may face backlash.


Minneapolis Police Officer Mohamed Noor was identified as the cop who killed Justine Damond for absolutely no reason at all, and all Katie Mettler seems worried about is “Islamophobia” and “backlash against the Somali community,” because apparently the feelings of Somalians are more important than the feelings of the actual victims of violence.

Paul Joseph Watson of InfoWars detailed the ridiculous write up from Mettler, and after reading what she wrote it’s hard not to question her mental health.

Check it out:

In an article entitled After Minneapolis officer in police shooting is named, Somali community braces for backlash, the Washington Post’s Katie Mettler prevaricates on issues of “Islamophobia and innuendo about terrorism” that the Somali community will face as a result of the shooting.

“Already, hateful posts criticizing Islam and sharia law are filling social media in response to the police shooting. Several far-right blogs featured sensational headlines that blamed the officer’s ethnicity for the deadly use of force,” writes Mettler.

Despite being under numerous different investigations, the Post pushes the narrative that Noor was a “role model” for multiculturalism and Muslim integration.

Keep in mind, this is the same kind of apologist garbage we hear from the left after every single terror attack in the news. Time and time again, leftists rush to the defense of the attackers as people across the globe are being blown up, stabbed, and shot by Islamic radicals, and here we are once again with a bat guano crazy liberal ignoring the real issues so she can spin a narrative nobody cares about.

As Watson notes, it’s this type of hypersensitivity that prevents us from honestly discussing problems so we can come up with real solutions to the causes of violence.

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