Cop Finds Out What McDonald’s Worker Tried To Do To His Meal- Immediately DESTROYS Liberal Burger Flipper



A uniformed police officer in Virginia said he was refused service at a local McDonald’s by a filthy, liberal cop-hating scumbag.

Scott Naff, an officer for the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, reportedly paid for his food in the drive-thru line, but was allegedly refused the food when he got to the window. Naff’s wife, Cathy, told the newspaper that the employee saw the uniform and told her husband: “I ain’t serving no police.”


She posted the story on her Facebook page to inform her close friends about the incident, and the story went viral, the report said.

“He was in uniform and [in] his police vehicle. He paid for his food and drove forward to the next window,” she wrote, according to Fox 8. “The young man who was working that window looked at him and backed away from the window mouthing something to my husband.”

Cathy said her husband could not hear what was said because the drive-thru window was closed.

“The guy finally walked to the window and slid it open,” she continued. “The guy said, ‘I ain’t serving no police’ and closed the window. The guy proceeded to tell everyone in McDonald’s, including the manager, that he was not going to serve the police.”


Cathy said it was not her husband’s intention to cost someone their job, but she wanted to bring to light what police officers go through while interacting with the public. Cathy updated her Facebook status to say a manager at the McDonald’s had told her and Scott the employee in question had been let go.

“My husband is one of the great guys and would have never treated this young man disrespectfully,” Cathy said.

The Facebook post is now deleted, presumably because her page probably got trashed by liberal, cop hating thugs.

Officer Naff, who had already paid for his food, waited patiently for the issue to be resolved, though his wife Cathy believes he was humiliated by the situation, Fox reported.

“People who were working in the restaurant were peeking around the corner, staring at my husband, making him feel very humiliated, I believe, at that point,” stated Cathy, who first shared her husband’s story on Facebook last week. “Finally, what seemed to be a cook from the back of the restaurant came around to the window and handed him his food.”

In response to last week’s incident, the manager of that McDonald’s said she “regret[s] the situation as it goes against our standards of providing a welcoming experience to everyone.” She also wrote that the restaurant has “taken the appropriate action to resolve the situation.”

Despite this, Cathy said she and her husband had never requested that the young man be dismissed from his position.

“Well, for my husband and for myself, the last thing in the world we want to see is someone lose their job … for him to lose his job, of course, is very disheartening.”

Instead, Cathy said that, in the future, she’d rather see McDonald’s expend more effort to train its employees in better customer service practices.

“We would really like to see some of the appropriate action being taken from McDonald’s, and working with their training programs and working with their hiring practices to ensure that anyone who comes to one of their stores is treated with the utmost respect,” said Cathy.

Still, Cathy says she and her husband haven’t ruled out a visit to McDonald’s altogether.

“As we know, there are so many great franchise owners out there who are working with their employees on a daily basis to teach them the customer service skills that they need,” she said.

“I guess that’s up for us to make that decision in the future.”

Lock this little wimpy ANTIFA leftist pile of shit up.

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