Cop Gets The Last Laugh After Black Walmart Cashier Uses Her Skin Color To Refuse Service

A uniformed police officer went to a Walmart in St. Cloud, Florida to buy a few items but when he got to the register the cashier refused to ring him up. 

According to the officer, when he asked the cashier why she was refusing to ring him up, she pointed to her skin. You see, she is black…

Yeah, black privilege.

A second employee reportedly laughed while this was taking place.

Now, most of you will agree that this black idiot should be fired right? Well, Walmart disagrees. Unbelievable.

As a result, the St. Cloud Police Department are taking action. Good for them!

Here is the St. Cloud Police Department Facebook post:

“In response to local inquiries concerning the allegation where an employee of Walmart refused to serve a St. Cloud Police Officer; a formal complaint has been filed with Walmart’s corporate office. The St. Cloud Police Department trusts that Wal Mart will handle the situation properly and professionally.”

“The St. Cloud Police Department is grateful for the support from our community. We encourage our citizens to come by the St. Cloud Police Department to pick up their free “back the blue” bumper sticker to show their support of law-enforcement instead of participating in community protests.”



Oh yeah, I need some of those beautiful bumper stickers for sure!

As you can imagine this incident created one hell of a backlash and apparently Walmart got the message!

Walmart released a statement saying, “We take these things seriously and do not tolerate discrimination of any kind in our stores.

We value the relationships we have with law enforcement agencies throughout the country and we’ve met with the St. Cloud Police Department to address their concerns.  We want everyone to be treated with respect whether they are in our stores or anywhere in the community.

 The cashier who was involved in this situation no longer works in our store.”

Yes! They fired her racist, cop hating a*s!!! Excellent.

Now the scumbag can collect welfare and has plenty of spare time to protest with her fellow BLACK LIVES MATTER thugs!

Things like this should NEVER happen in the first place but with this hatred for police and white people being pushed by both the White House and the liberal media, incidents like this are rampant.

While Democrats pander to these thugs for votes (do they even vote?), Donald Trump BACKS THE BLUE!

Our law enforcement heroes deserve the best of the best and incidents like these are totally unacceptable.


God Bless.


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God Bless.

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