Cop Meets Man Who Tried To Stab Him In The Head 1 Year Ago… What Happened Next Is Going Viral



A white officer with the Raleigh Police Department said he almost shot a black man when the man attempted to stab him in the head with a knife. He didn’t shoot the guy and now, almost a year later the 2 men have come face-to-face and what they have done together is going viral on social media!

Almost a year ago this man and I were involved in a major altercation where he tried to stab me in the head and I nearly…

Posted by JD Boyd on Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Officer J. D. Boyd says in his viral Facebook post that he’s happy to be reunited with the unidentified man and actually refers to him as a friend! “Today we ran into each other again and I learned that after his time in prison and some help from probation he now has a full time job and has another son on the way that will be here in November,” Boyd said. “I’m glad it ended well for us both that day and I am ecstatic now to learn that he has turned his life around and we can embrace as friends.”

He notes, “No one is ever lost forever and as long as you continue to work to be a better version of yourself than you were yesterday things will work out eventually.”

This is so awesome! 

Sean Brown at Mad World News adds this:

While this is undoubtedly a touching story of an officer who can be proud that he helped straighten out a man’s life, apparently it’s only a fraction of what he does for the community. According to the Raleigh News-Observer, people throughout town know Boyd for his presence on social media, where he goes out of his way to engage residents and show his dedication to not only keeping the streets safe, but showing people that police aren’t to be feared.

He’s posted photos of himself holding a ticket to warn drivers not to speed. He’s used analogies to describe hazardous weather conditions on his Facebook page. And in February, he organized a community snowball fight with the neighborhood children. (H/T TheBlaze)

Unfortunately, this isn’t the kind of story people can expect to find in the mainstream news, since it shows the positive side of a policing and that even a black man and a white officer can put their differences aside. It sounds as if Officer Boyd is a shining example of what the majority of police are really like, and he’s undoubtedly the type of officer I would want in my community.

We applaud both of these men and wish them the best.

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